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Old beautiful pattern leads bedding new trend
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New Year will come, the household market of the near future appears to send lively picture. Reporter a few days ago from Guangzhou in stylist work is being reached between each big market, example, observe, this year Qiu Dong season, old beautiful pattern leads bedding new fashion.
Everywhere of old beautiful pattern is visible
Before a few years, because the bedding with tonal quiet, simple and clean design can increase to the space of the room feels and accept favour fully. This year Qiu Dong season, vane changed. Reporter from Guangzhou city market of house of a few everybody understands, consumer likes to have the bedding of old beautiful pattern all the more. The friendship shop of times square, special still opened a bedding to sell especially, chief says this basically is to be the “ that caters to market instantly to spend demand ” greatly. In a few buildings dish between example in, the reporter arrives alertly, the bedding in the bedroom also is colourful old beautiful pattern mostly, the variety that joins a curtain also matchs all the more with the sheet, heavy and complicated of colour dense, design, reveal luxurious with atmosphere, drawing the eye of consumer.
Individual character concept introduces among them
According to analysis of a few businessmen, plain coloured household articles for use has his to be put in the market admittedly, but the place that also has inadequacy, if drabber, your person is drab,wait. And popular this year old beautiful pattern, basically suffer European tide effect, will dazzling color is put together, body reveals fashionable youth to love dazzle to love expressional nature, because this is special,suffer a youth love. Those are spent greatly and the geometrical figure with distinctive, stereo strong sense also reflected figure a kind of lively mood.
Qualitative actor brand takes high-grade course
Current, the bedding on the market imports cloth to have a lot of, the price does not poor, consumer should measure its sex price carefully to compare, notice quality of a material choose. There is the bedding of superior quality of a material in the bazaar such as heart of times square, China square, beautiful be placed in the middle, happy event will ascend, the brand such as Xue Bao is more welcome. Just, good commodity price is higher also, be like the Xue Bao brand that Switzerland imports, 4 are covered want more than 10000 yuan, glossy bedding bag is about 5050 yuan. Superior fabrics imposes the manual making pattern of having a unique style, make the one large window that lives in the market this year undoubtedly.

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