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The home spins kind of gift current situation and prospective trend
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The vacuum that Chinese home spins consumptive market is giant. Forecast according to authority, in coming 10 years, the home spins the increase rate with consumptive annual market will not under 20% , and average per capita consumes every to increase a percent, annual new addition requirement is many yuan 300. An investigation data shows, to 2010, only Beijing home spins things expenditure to will achieve 10 billion yuan.

So big market, for the abidance that the home spins gift line of business development created infinite business chance. Business chance is good luck, but also be a challenge. Only accurate hold business chance and have an insight into good luck person fortune of translate into of ability general business chance. So, the development existing state of affairs that the home spins gift and the development trend that did not come how?

The current situation one, the home spins gift a new force suddenly rises

The home spins industry of product sortie gift, product, more crystal than handicraft, electron gift, box bag gift wants to be gotten late much, but after the home spins product gift to change, become very quickly however hot bestow favor on newly, a few years short time, the home spins gift sale to already promoted the 20%-30% of gift company sale the left and right sides, and have the power that rises steadily. The home spins gift to be extended to be a variety of a variety of raw material, design from silk of original onefold breed —— a few breed. Especially the innovation sex that the home spins gift, already went in the front that big market home spins far.

The current situation 2, the home spins gift demand exuberant

The home spins gift to be welcomed outstandingly by gift market, more and more gift companies spin the home gift the grand opera as sale business. This kind of phenomenon is by no means accidental.

Well-known, give priority to the gift market of system network with gift company, no matter be business affairs gift, celebration gift, conference gift, sales promotion gift or organization welfare, it is the group is bought character actually. Does the person that does the group buy business agency consider when gift of choose and buy what is most ” of the person that does “ accept a gift wants? Whether does ” of the person that does “ accept a gift like? Because of this agency person should get actually the society is potential the influence of demand trend, they often go up in this foundation, make “ new ” a few, “ strange ” the choice of a few. Socioeconomy develops period, people living standard rises continuously, the home spins things to change cycle shortens, cause demand to last exuberant. The gift company that has head discovered this one business chance just about, and the sale strength that increased the home to spin gift, obtained wonderful economic benefits thereby.
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