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Chinese silk product (the home is spun) popular trend is released
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In prospective season, the application that silk product spins a domain in the home locates at behaving high quality lifestyle. Be in the consumer of elite estate, experienced and knowledgeable, need the product of more culture inheritance and artistic connotation, because this design will be shown,abound the wisdom of creativity. On one hand, high and luxuriant style remains the main aspect, be restored ancient ways by " the influence of " and tide of " nation " , appear go out or classic or mysterious, or costly or refined enchanting amorous feelings; On the other hand, advocate comfortable and brief way of life, emphasize the style of pure and fresh reservation, the artistic grade that reachs design to deliver a grace through halcyon colour, new-style raw material, natural organization structure. And the central issue that environmental element remains global limits to pay close attention to, the zoology concept that bear the blame will make the main trend of products plan.

Chinese silk product (the home is spun) popular trend develops center and Dali group combination to release by product of spin of center of Chinese spin information, country. The " China that center of center of Chinese spin information, development of national spin product and Dali group collaboration build is popular fabrics project---" of research center of trend of silk product popularity, it is Chinese spin industry first silk kind product trend research center. The research center assembled spin of Dali group over or across, fabrics, home is spun and hand-me-down creates the industrial base that reachs retail brand dress, assemble the relevant resource such as the industry expert of domestic authority and famous stylist, with " popularity the trend considers to be forerunner, quicken product innovation, perfect industry catenary is integrated, model the concept of " of Chinese new silk, begin the research of the popular trend of pair of silk products and application, gift stage by stage Chinese silk product holds the popular trend, competition resource that has fashionable speech right. Dali group built a whole industrial catenary environment through development compose of nearly 30 years, have weaving mill, printing and dyeing mill, arenaceous wash factory, knitting mill and 4 clothing company, developed global business market successfully, have the high quality client such as numerous and well-known trademark and department store. As national spin product product of development center silk develops base business, dali group devotes oneself to to promote China to produce the quality of silk product formerly all the time, expect to dig the culture connotation of more silk product. 2 006 since year, dali group investment exceeds 600 million yuan to be in ground of like a raging fire of Hangzhou Xiao Shan to building project of " of base of property of female outfit of " world top-ranking silk. The research that this project coordinates " of project of trend of popularity of product of " China silk and release, pass resource conformity, combine the integrated advantage such as the brand of oneself, talent, technology, equipment, research and development, aim to break traditional production to manage mode, blend in international vogue element in silk culture, become the central source with world silk and female outfit fashionable popularity.
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