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Printing bed tastes the home to reside cloth art new cosset
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Young, can be explained with flower, the trend trend of vigor, the bed that lets jacquard weave and printing tastes the favorite that makes the home reside cloth art. Or jacquard weave or printing, the cloth with right choice art, build lively move the bedroom atmosphere of feeling.
Jacquard weave bed is tasted make colorful essence elegant bedroom
Bed of elegant jacquard weave of essence of life is tasted, with the colour of low-key and soft beauty, delicate inwrought effect, make a sweet and colorful bedroom amorous feelings; And fashionable printing bed is tasted, criterion the design with bright-coloured colour, Pope, take one spring youthful energy, build relaxed, comfortable bedroom recreational atmosphere.

Printing bed is tasted make change feeling bedroom color

Polychromatic printing bed is tasted painty ecru fabrics is made and become by printing and dyeing, general and active printing and dyeing can assure environmental protection, harmless to the person, the feel of colour and fabrics is better also, suit to make lively change the bedroom color of feeling.

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