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Bedding blows rural wind
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Popularity resembles blast sometimes, connect bedding to also cannot avoid custom even. General merchandise of Cong Jinhua silver-colored peaceful is newest season of released bedding Qiu Dong is popular in light of the trend, the bedding that gave priority to with plain coloured, calm surface in the past, had blended in the fashionable element of flowers design stealthily, satisfied people the complex with yearning rural nature. Most person is likely won't domestic whole make it rural style, but can mix in contemporary household build into a few rural styles, build a trifling and rural atmosphere.

The family nowadays is decorated faddish the neuter colour such as black, white, ash, if on one is placed to shine in the bedroom beautiful flowers design bed is tasted, can have the adornment effect that make the finishing point undoubtedly. Flowers and contain love to wear on compatriots tradition the literary quotation of good message, for instance the flower opens riches and honour to wait. This among them, blame with “ of coming festival of ” of “ the seventh evening of the seventh moon magpie bridge encounters ” is a delegate. The bed that booth of strong and pervasive fragrance rolled out French brand to give priority to a problem with ” of “ magpie bridge tastes series, “ pediment crisscross, receive pull a Hua Teng; Layer cascade is folded, hand in the bridge ” that weaves love. Without too powerful colour, those who do not have bouquets of flowers and piles of silks-rich multicolored decoration is enthusiastic, ” of “ magpie bridge just is on an element Bai Zhi, with a few clean and orderly beautiful catenary fluctuates perforative, silence ground sadded to mount a bed like cirrus, not not make public, artificial, refract an opportunity of survival that does not cease and aesthetic feeling however.

Be like again, bay on the west slave a fashionable embroider bedding that the name fastens famous door ” for “ , those who show is rural style of West. It the inspiration that ” regards the “ rococo art that is born in order to result from at the beginning of 18 centuries as art restoring ancient ways, leaf branches and tendrils, like radiative shape dandelion decorative pattern, cooperate deep beige, classic, custom, dramatic wait for a variety of element confluence to be together, elegant and luxuriant, have visual pulling force extremely.
According to introducing, to cater to this natural and rural wind, now almost the pattern that every bedding brand has flowers pattern is rolled out, be in the majority with printing technology among them, of embroider also have one fraction, colour or enthusiastic and bold and unrestrained or pure and fresh quietly elegant, beautiful form is given priority to with the common flowers such as rose, asphodel. In addition, the design of small broken flower also got the favour of partial consumer.

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