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Today autumn bedding is elegant Han Liu
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Lovely pink, provide falbala of fair maiden olfactory and bud silk margin extremely, the friend that often sees Han play is opposite certainly the bedding of the fashionable warmth that appears in Han drama is photographic. As the advent of autumn, market of our city bedding begins to place Qiu Dongxin to taste in succession. And the bed that has Han type color alone is tasted, han Liu of before just like a few years is same, begin to engulf market of our city bedding.

Pink explains fair maiden feelings

The reporter was in recently visit market of our city bedding to discover, today autumn bedding is particularly popular the product of Han Shifeng case. In the dream Home Li Sha is spun and inside Fu Anna brand shop, the reporter saw the Han Shi bedding of fashionable warmth.

Inside brand shop of dream Li Sha, the Han type set that the reporter sees one is fundamental key with pink is covered. Blossomming on the impression of pink a small broken flower, romance is elegant. On modelling, should cover an adornment that uses falbala, try the ornament side Xiaohua, be full of young and romantic breath. Of bowknot clever applied the design with bed skirt to explain girl feelings faultlessly. In addition, cover in this in, the Han type small pillow of model of it may be said of small rectangle pillow, the floret edge of pillowcase edge is designed, realistically emersion of the girl innocent with romance.

According to this inn controller Mr Huang introduces, it is the representing's bed to taste with style of this Han type at present, it is this brand what autumn rolls out this year is new article. Perhaps be long-term the bed that gives priority to body with Europe type style tastes the market, a few new vitality come to need infuse attract broad customer, so this year of Han type style appear to make the market instantly one large window.

Han Shi is married gauze style advocate hit elegance

Compare with photograph of innocent, romantic series of pink fair maiden, another kind of surface knits coloured fourth fabrics marry style of gauze Han type, those who bring a person it is another kind of flavour however. Inside Fu Anna brand shop, this kind is married the bed of style of gauze Han type is tasted become this store latter advocate the autumn that push is tasted newly.

Taste with other bed different is, marry gauze used lubricious fourth fabrics and dress to be designed by the side of Lei Sihua and be become. Lubricious fourth fabrics is mixed from feel intuitionistic on the feeling is weak like thin gauze, and imprint in the surface of gauze have the sodden flower with elegant design and embroider. This edge of explicit bedspread, return adornment to have lacy. On integral feeling dignified, elegance, and feeling of rich administrative levels of bedding bag pole.

Staff member yellow young lady introduces this inn, from appear on the market up to now, the bed of this kind of style is tasted had bought many. Because be new,be tasted and new design, feel is good, be full of plasticity and glossiness, this series product is particularly welcome. And the series that gives priority to with pink appears high-grade and festival, a lot of marriage celebrate a personage to be being driven marry or move buy this kind of product.
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