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Care of can of current bedding quality
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On May 8, chinese quality is promoted 10 thousand lis all right can release newest consumption caution to say, at present bedding market is existing to produce character to estimate gap the state such as big, good and evil people mixed up. Hint broad consumer, want to look for “ name to taste ” , “ boutique ” when buying bedding, especially the bazaar with all ready, sincere normal letter buys aptitude.
Chinese quality promotes Zhang Chen of minister of meeting propaganda ministry 10 thousand lis to tell all right " the market signs up for " reporter, investigation discovers the problem that bedding exists basically has: Product shrink, product fade, product life is brief, product label is non-standard wait.

To this, consumer of proposal of expert of qualitative check respect: Want to check a label, look pack, pack coarse, slur to the product not clear, consumer is about to be bought carefully. 2 should check the exterior, see do manual work. Odour of 3 important news, cross-stitch work is lubricious. If the product sends out,give pungent peculiar smell, have formaldehyde remain possibly, it is advisable to be not bought.

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