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Knowledge of children bedding choose and buy
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Normally practical reach security, the meeting is more important at beautiful sex; So, when we are being bought, must hold such principle, ability won't cause another harm to darling body or health.

1) the choose and buy of the sheet: Pa Mom can prepare 3-6 more cotton qualitative sheet, and be cleaned in order to go to the lavatory, wash-and-wear, must not rectify give priority to very hotly. If do not think the sheet is done as the twist of darling posse is in disorder, besides can buy the sheet with larger size, with obligate more sheets can fold mattess to fall instead; The bed also can fill in after the 4 horn knot the sheet next; Or it is now there also are 4 parts on market the equipment of tailor elastic, can be the good method that solves sheet chaos to run. The mattess that additionally the sheet issues, cover on one solid thick plastic set, can serve as waterproof with. Even if the diaper of darling is slack, it is good to need to change new bedspread only.

2) small quilt: Check quilt or rug to have off line state above all; If have, must cut off thrum, in order to prevent the hands or feet of darling by these line entwine. Additional, if be the rug that laps little baby place prepares, can choose thinner thin cotton blanket, lap easily already, breathe freely to feel frivolously, also can make darling more comfortable. But when lapping, ought not to leave a small hole to give baby only, have asphyxial risk so easily. If, it is the quilt that builds to again a few bigger darling, can use sleeping bag model quilt, or go to the two frontier fortress of quilt below mattess fixed, can be kicked in order to prevent quilt to be kicked by darling chaos. Coming again is old quilt and rug, can fasten rapid move to desertion 啰 ! These are OK be regarded as to fill up again by or the sheet will use!

3) the pillow of darling: For the darling that props up the body to still cannot using a hand, the pillow had better not be used. Because of possible darling fierce one turns head or turn over, bury the face on the pillow next, create asphyxial risk very easily. The choice of these bedding, nature is the material with pure cotton qualitative meeting is the most comfortable; And, remind pa Mom prepares a few more, eat and drink on the bed with convenient darling pull when scattering, can enough mothball military strength can be offerred use. In addition, also wash the bedding that darling place uses and clothings frequently at Qing Dynasty please; Maintain good Morpheus quality and healthy environment in order to endeavor for darling.

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