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Bedding knowledge eliminate illiteracy
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Bedding knowledge eliminate illiteracyOne, gauze number
Number is used commonly " " or English letter " S " express. We often see have 30, 40, 60 wait! That after all what makes number? Number is the standard of the degree of finish of gauze. For instance: 9 cotton are OK make it grows 1 meter gauze 30 times, that is 30; And 9 cotton make it grows 1 meter gauze 40 times, that is 40; Make it of 1 two cotton grows 1 meter gauze 60 times, that is 60. In fact the number of gauze is higher, gauze is finer, weave the cloth that come out with such gauze thinner, cloth jumps over softness relatively comfortable. But the cloth requirement raw material with high number (cotton) character wants tall, and also ask to compare to the weaving factory of cotton mill and spin tall, the cost of cloth is so higher. But too thin cloth is used it is OK to make clothing, with will do a bed to taste not quite appropriate.

2, density
The density of cloth often is bought domestic place negligence, and the quality that it often decided fabrics however! Inside the industry, cloth is basic do not say number, they talk about ** to multiply ** only (be like, 110*90, 128*68, 65*78, 133*72) , because the choice of number is very little, have 30S and 40S commonly, and the application of 60S is exceedingly little. Can so say, the cloth of 60S suits to make bedding not quite, because she is too thin! 80 cloth home can build without a few factories, you do not think 80 cloth is little, so expensive, I am to had not seen, just had listened, and be known according to me, home still tastes production to come out without 80 bed!

3, for a few errors to say?
Error one: Quantity of taller bed quality also exceeds number tall. Actually not certain, same number, density jumps over Gao Buyue thick, but same density, number jumps over Gao Buyue rare.

Error 2: 30, 40 cloth is very poor. In fact old brand (be like Luo Lai, triumphant fill) what the bed of the company tastes 95% above is 30, 40 fabrics, the bed that can say we see now is tasted, 98% be 30, 40, of the others is 20 (cloth is very crass) , 60; Produce satin drill jacquard weave, damask 60 with a future life commonly wait for fabrics, it is current of the 60S*60S of jacquard weave of the satin drill on the market not much also, be 40S*40S mostly, be 60S*40S also already very pretty good. I am in triumphant fill see 60 *60 are raised (some are 60 *40 are raised mix knit) 4 of satin drill jacquard weave are covered, factory price is 1000 yuan of above.

4, the experience that clean out treasure
The product advantage of coating is the price compares petty gain, defect color jumps over light lose color more greatly.
Some prices have same pattern high some of price is low, that is about to look is twill fabrics or tabby fabrics, and it is coating coloring or active coloring.

5, understand a few professional term
Tabby fabric: Classics weft every other has interweave, interweave the dot is arranged dense, face of positive and negative does not have distinction, tabby fabric construction is so tight, quality of a material soundly, but feel is good. General embroider product uses this kinds of fabrics, washing shrinkage is opposite twill fabrics is low, firmness is relative twill fabrics is tall.
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