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Silk is used to maintain and collect
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■ professional personage comments silk:

China is the world go up to be planted the earliest mulberry sericiculture, carry the silk, state that knits silks and satins. Silk belongs to commendable division, for deciduous leaf arbor, form of mulberry leaf egg, it is the feed that feed silkworm, according to statistic, 1000 silkworm make a net need to eat off about 20 kilograms Sang Xie to spin from newly hatched silkworm, ability spits 0.5 kilograms silk, be in it is thus clear that greenery is increasingly rare those who be short of today, how silk is commendable. Determine according to science, pure silk 97% above are comprised by animal albumen, contain a lot of18 human body is indispensible kinds of amino acid, have calm the nerves, protect skin, enhance cellular vigor, adjust the action such as human body metabolism, have at the same time antistatic, prevent mite, fight bacterium, fight the character such as allergy. Among them amino acid has silk alimentary skin, prevent the action such as skin ageing.

■ silk is used and maintain collect a specification:

When using, cover please on the bedding bag of size moderate, bedding bag should be washed frequently, change frequently. Silk by itself cannot bath or dry-clean.

The quilt should undertake removed sex air bask in, but cannot insolate.

When storing first quilt air, wait for the fold after the quilt is cool to deposit, do not want keep long in stock to be out of shape in case, unfavorable add put of all kinds the agent that divide flavour, the chemical drug such as camphor ball, put in ventilated and dry place.

Deposit won't unripe eat by moth to become moldy daily, need to often flap only quilt, those who increase a quilt is fleeciness degree.

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