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Bedding ABCThe bedroom is the place that can reflect life quality most, and the visual focus that the bed is a bedroom, bedding (bedding bag, sheet, pillowcase) be considered as additionally one kind of dress, it is reflecting master identity, accomplishment and inclination to wait. But face the bedding that there are sundry different style and class on the market, after all which kinds of ability meets be tide choose, can satisfy practical requirement already, the personality that can you reflect the person that use, savour? Bedding popularity wind is wonderful, the person of angle tide cannot be not appreciated therein fashionable talk.

Individual character wind continues to blow

Was tired of the modern of invariable life, the decoration in hope home has new meaning ceaselessly. Cumbersome old furniture is bad to move, but these bedding can follow sheet, bedding bag and pillowcase completely season and mood go.

There are many bedding brand shops on the market at present, be aimed at the young, be fond of such as newly-married a group of things with common features, new residence a group of things with common features, lone noble technically the consumer of trendy style grade, roll out the burgeoning bedding product that advertises individual character. Choose to go up in colour, can enjoy colour and the fun with tie-in design adequately. The exemple is consistent paragraph green spring colorific sheet, can deserve to go up blue-black pillowcase and gules bed sheet, will show the youth's ego adequately. Choose to go up in design, abstract design is become most the choice of tide. Be aimed at the bedding bag of newly-married a group of things with common features technically like, imprint went up abstract human body design, change before newly-married bedding representing's festival, sweet flower design, won the favor of many trendy personages with distinct personality.

Ethical nature wind raids a person

In recent years, advocate natural wind, the household articles for use of the crude character such as cotton, hemp, grass is popular. But in bedding naturalistic before, return the attribute that must add a nation, ability follows to go up tide.

Trot along on horseback big market or each each characteristic live in Guangzhou things inn, not difficult discovery contains the bedding of characteristic of different region nation, belonging to when red. If be in day Heibei the inn of some household articles for use near the some furniture store of times square and city of the Milky way, cotton cloth goods puts the sri lanka handiwork that all comes back elaborate collect to the place when the eye. According to inn-keeper introduction, the sri lanka cotton cloth with these gorgeous and bright color has amorous feelings of grumous South Asia mainland, and knit with hand type entirely make, catered to the popular trend this year completely, consequently not only young customer welcome, and many middleaged people also like very much. Be like the some bedding inn in China square again, rolled out import from Japan, use grass kind the plant is made, have the pillow of zephyr style and matting.
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