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The actor defect of different pillow material
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The pillow is existing in hardness, height and stretch respect a lot of differences, the most important when the choice is the need that should accord with an individual. Excellent pillow can make the head and pillow interface too little, pressure is too great, meet your person feel uncomfortable. Too soft pillow maintains altitude hard, and because too loose, oppressive to scalp area is large, go against haemal circulation. According to expert proposal, the pillow height of adult in order to lie on one's back when it is 15 ~ high 20 centimeters, when side lies it is 15 ~ high 20 centimeters advisable. The pillow of teenager children in order to lie on one's back Shi Zhengao one fist, the pillow when side lies is tall one fist is beautiful partly.

The man-made fibre that does not have a brand the pillow with a few very low prices, by a variety of quality poor fiber mixes make, permeability is poor, and adopt the fabrics package with number and small density, easy “ runs cotton ” , and cause respiratory tract disease and skin allergy, go against human body health. And this is planted fiber is cleaned very hard, the fiber after washing can be twined, the form is conglomerate, the pillow can lose flexibility.

The high quality man-made fibre that has a brand pledges the man-made fibre of actor can be cleaned, the fiber after catharsis won't be twined, the form is conglomerate, can maintain the good performance that prop up as before. And the fabrics of the pillow is used raise high density fabrics high, won't run cotton and cause allergy, durable rate is very high also. By the pillow that this kind of fiber makes, accorded with comfortable sex, endurance and healthy demand, and the price also is average consumer can of the burden.

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