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Textile ABC
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Textile ABCOne, spin fiber
1. Definition: Fiber is natural or substance of form of artificial complex filament, spin fiber is to point to the fiber that uses spin.
2. Spin fiber characteristic: Spin fiber is had certain length, stretch, puissant wait for good physics function. Still have better chemical stability, be like: The natural fiber such as cotton, wool, silk, hemp is ideal spin fiber.
3. Spin fiber classifies: Natural fiber and chemical fiber. 2, fibrous identifying
The method that 1. differentiates has law of feel, range estimation, microscope law, deliquescent law, drug law, drug chromatic law and infra-red and spectral law. When be differentiated actually, often need to use a variety of methods, reach after integration analysis and research result.
2. differentiates methodological measure commonly to be as follows:
A, differentiate a natural fiber and chemical fiber with combustion law above all.
B, if be natural fiber, observe with microscope the law is differentiated at fiber of of all kinds plant and animal fiber. If be chemical fiber, the distinction of difference one by one that combines the aspect such as fibrous melting point, proportion, reflection, deliquescent function comes out.
C, when differentiating mixture fiber and blending sand, can affirm with microscope observation commonly contain a few kinds of fiber among them, next proper method one by one differentiates reoccupy.
D, to passing coloring or the fiber that arrange, it is commonly should undertake coloring comes off first or other is proper provide for oneself to just may assure to differentiate a result beforehand reliable. 3, textile classification
Can divide by utility use things of textile, industry with textile, adornment for dress 3 kinds big:
1, dress includes to make with textile dress and all sorts of textile all sorts of spin fabrics and sewing thread, elastic, get all sorts of dry goods such as line complementary makings and knitting hand-me-down, glove, sock.
2, adornment uses textile to wait for a respect in the breed structure, design that knit grain and instinctive quality otherer dry goods should have outstanding characteristic more, also can saying is a kind of arts and crafts is tasted. Can divide for bedding and indoor things, open articles for use, include furniture and dining-room bathroom articles for use, be like: Carpet, slipcover, chair, tapestry, stick cloth, wait like cover, towel;
3, industrial textile scope of application is wide, breed is very much, clothing of the cloth having bitter fleabane that the party sees, arms, cross cloth of filter cloth, screen mesh, roadbed to wait. 4, how to identify fabric
The feel of fabric is a when people uses the character quality that differentiates yarn fabric serious content. Specifically, feel the reaction in mentally with what the hand feels fabric, because knit corporeal breed to differ, quality discretion also has the feel effect of difference fabric each, also be bigger distinction. Feel has the following sides:
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