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Why to want to choose pure cotton fabrics
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In us company bed is tasted in, we always are used pure natural high-grade pure cotton cloth makes fabrics, having the advantage that other spin fiber compares hard with respect to the comfortable, sanitation of human body, healthy respect because of cotton: Hygroscopic: Cotton fiber is had better hygroscopic, below normal circumstance, fiber but to the imbibe in the air all round, its moisture content is 8-10% , so it contacts the person's skin, make the person feels soft and not inflexible. If cotton cloth humidity increases, all round temperature is higher, the moisture content that contains in fiber measures diverge of can full steam, make fabric maintains water to balance position, make the person feels comfortable. Warmth retention property and fight electrostatic sex: Because cotton fiber is the undesirable conductor of heat and report, heat conducts coefficient extremely low, have because of cotton fiber itself again porous, flexibility is better wait for an advantage, between fiber can stockpile is many air, air is the undesirable conductor of heat and report, so, textile of pure cotton fiber has good warmth retention property, fight electrostatic sex, use pure cotton goods to make the person feels warmth is comfortable. Hear resistance: Performance of heat-resisting of pure cotton goods is good, be in centigrade when 110 ℃ are the following, can cause the moisture on fabric to evaporate only, won't injure fiber, fall in normal temperature so, dress, use, catharsis printing and dyeing do not have an influence to cloth, raised pure cotton goods to be able to bear or endure from this wash durable heat-resisting function. Alkali resistance sex: Cotton fiber is stronger to alkaline counteractive ability, in alkaline solution, cotton fiber does not happen destroy a phenomenon, this function is helpful for the to pollution catharsis after using, disinfection is divided miscellaneous, also be helpful for undertaking to pure cotton textile coloring, printing reachs all sorts of craft treatment at the same time, knit new breed in order to produce more cotton. Defend natural disposition: Cotton fiber is natural fiber, its bases is cellulose, still have a few the qualitative, content that contain nitrogen mixes wax fruit is colloid. Classics many sided is checked and carry out, pure cotton fabric does not have any stimulation and negative effect to skin, long wear pair of human body beneficial and harmless, wholesome performance is good.

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