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Veken home textile bedding launched Leopard Series
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"Leopard" With the publicity, wild personality to become the representative of luxury and fashion, autumn and winter fashion this year is different forms of Leopard is almost occupied the half element. Recently, China took the lead five hundred enterprises Veken home textile Home Textiles launched a warm - warm to sleep health "Leopard" series, the Leopard sent home life. Veken Textile warm - warm to sleep and Sport series is not only the use of large areas of leopard pattern, which also combines elements of fashion and eco-fabrics to ensure the beauty, warmth correct. Smooth fabric with other cold different from the series production Product choices are the environmental Xinjiang cotton fabric, full comfort of the plush surface, the structure is designed to mimic animal fur, people got into bed next to the skin can be felt a warmth. If a conservative woman who has a leopard house Comparison profile publicity clothes, then have a warm bed and Sport Leopard series supplies are much simpler, can be enjoyed in the private environment of the wild leopard charm.
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