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Home style bedding manufacturers use to teach you buy smart Bedding
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Cloth in the modern family more and more people of all ages, if the family function of decoration for the "hard decoration", and cloth as a "soft decoration" more at home in the charming, people wore it as fashion, not only to soften the rigid lines of interior space, has given the room a warm style. Fabric: the purchase bedding, first check the quality of fabrics, and fabric of the true quality lies in its density, that is, we usually talk about or yarn count of the number, the higher the relative density, the better the quality of fabrics, as The higher the density distribution required by the cotton quality is better, feel more soft, more lustrous, and the higher their production process requirements. Longer be observed from the printing and dyeing, good quality product, it's flowers dyeing vivid, lifelike, neither version of print, color, no stains, bleaching and so on. Filler: the quality of the product they use a hollow curly fibers, such fibers are porous and single-hole, hole the more resilient, the better, in the high-end products on the market today use more four-hole and seven holes. This fiber white, warm and good, breathable, high-compression resilient, soft, by combing formed, product formation, placement uniform thickness and consistent, square and full, long-term use, does not appear between the fiber and fiber separated from the stratification. Natural materials used in wool and cotton, no impurities, no smell. Process: the selection bedding flower pattern should pay attention to the integrity, consistency; if patchwork, left and right sides symmetrical flowers, no flowers face down in the sub-cis, striped and checked the requirements of the articles, grid; process refined formation, no needle, flat seam stitch mosaic pin is usually in 10-12 / 3 cm. Package ID: the product description can be tags, labels, packaging, instructions and other forms of content must specify: the name and address of manufacturer, product name, model specifications, the use of raw materials, components and content, washing method the implementation of standards, quality grade, quality certification, etc., different forms of content that should be the same, and the standard models, the use of raw materials, components and content, washing methods must be used durability label.
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