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Cotton prices rose reminder clothing year on year cost of clothing and bedding u
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"How a family of four this year, bedding (sheets, pillowcases, quilt cover, bed cover) you so much?" People are busy with preparation for marriage Chen shopping mall yesterday in a circle, was surprised to find that the same one sets Wedding bed supplies will more than 2,000 yuan last year, "how to sell a 2,500 yuan this year!" Indeed, recent plans to purchase winter clothes lot of people are depressed to find that the clothes this season a lot more expensive. Original Years, because of rising cotton prices all the way, people covered by this year's consumption of clothing may increase the cost. Reporter visited the mall learned, compared with last year's bedding, 20% to 30% of the price go up. A certain brand of bedding sales staff told reporters that their bedding into the old section and new . The old section of bedding is previously produced, so the current prices do not rise, only a small number of promotional efforts. The arrival of the new fall bedding prices are obviously a lot higher. "Number of the same size family of four with the organization Expensive than before bedding about 500 yuan. "The sales staff told reporters, white goose down, duck and other raw material prices in general rose 30% to 50%," a quilt to do the same this year, more than ever to pay Nearly forty percent of the money. "" Last year, 500 yuan more than the price of bedding, basically this year rose almost 100 dollars. "In addition to bedding, winter clothing price of newly listed quietly rising, the overall increase of about 20% . "Cotton prices are mainly affected by the impact." Insiders told reporters that a shopping mall, from the end of last year, cotton prices continued to rise, the current cotton price has reached two million yuan per ton, compared with same period last year and early this year were Up 58% and 36%, which led directly to the price of cotton products, broad based. Forced to purchase cost pressures, clothing distributors have chosen to raise the retail price.
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