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Playing expert: Zhejiang Textile Test Center Analysis Division Director / Senior House before the British


Bedding as a part of textile products, is indispensable to people's lives everyday. In recent years, the rapid development of production bedding, a variety of patterns, styles, fabrics of the series can be described as dazzling. Bedding including sheets, duvet cover, pillowcases, bedspreads, quilt, pillow, cushion and other textile products.

Key indicators

1. Formaldehyde content. Formaldehyde exists in the textile fabric finishing agent, is a toxic substance absorbed by the body, skin, respiratory tract have a strong stimulating effect, can cause dermatitis, respiratory tract infections.

2.pH value. pH value exceeded textiles, will undermine the balance of the skin mechanism of stimulation of the skin on the human body, so that the body's reduced ability to resist external bacteria, allergies, rashes and other symptoms, harm to human health.

3. Decomposable aromatic amine. Some azo dyes and long-term exposure of human skin, break down in the special conditions to restore and release some carcinogenic aromatic amines, as a predisposing factor in human disease, with potential carcinogenicity.

4. Color fastness. Is the color fastness to perspiration resistant products, resistant to washing, rubbing the degree of color fastness. Color fastness and poor, a direct impact on human health, safety and beauty products. Poor color fastness bedding encountered in the course of sweat and so will cause the paint off fabric fading, in which the dye molecules is likely to be absorbed through the skin and harm to human health.

5. Washed dimensional change. Bedding in use issue has been shrinking consumer concern, mainly in poor dimensional stability after washing deformation, smaller size, affect the use and appearance.

6. Fiber content. Fiber content to the product cost and performance, and comfort during use.

7. Breaking strength. Breaking strength is too low will directly affect the life of the product.

Optional Tips

1. To see the label, on-demand options. When consumers buy bedding should first check the label on the product are complete, and then under the label indicate the security classification, grade, size, composition, etc., combined with their need to buy bedding. General selection of cotton, silk and other natural fiber products, with soft, breathable and moisture and other characteristics.

2. Check the appearance, work, smell it. Select the color pattern on the bedding should be carefully examined: the surface area without stains, roving, dancing flowers, take the color and other obvious defects; sewing line is straight, flat seam is served; a variety of materials, the texture of ingredients such as the zipper is smooth, the buttons are secure and so on. Appropriate color to light color, choose darker bedding, you can use in printing and dyeing cloth napkin friction surface several times, if coated with a clear color, good color fastness of the product description. Bedding in the dyeing and finishing to be used in a variety of finishing agents and auxiliaries, such as improper processing technology, resulting in residual excess chemical composition, it will cause harm to human body. Therefore, consumers in the purchase, you can smell the smell, if the product gives off the odor stimulus, it is best not to buy. In addition, the purchase by the shrink, wrinkle resistant, soft, flat and other finishing products Ting also prudent, do not buy taste.

3. Selected shopping malls, to see the brand. Large enterprises and shopping malls to buy products that are relatively formal quality assurance and the purchase of three special low price of free products or products that need to think twice.

4. Marked by washing and maintenance. Washing in accordance with product labeling requirements, maintenance, storage. Washing bedding to the attention of different materials have different washing methods, especially bedding silk type fabric is preferable to the neutral detergent washing with warm water, soaking time should not be too long. Products of different colors, especially variations in the depth of products that do not wash together in order to avoid staining and light-colored products affect the appearance. Bedding is a direct contact with the body products, consumers should be preceded in the use of wash water, which can neutralize the pH of fabric, so that the fabric of the residual material can be fully released, safe and sanitary. "China Quality Daily"

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