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Abb series bedding will make the market another new " bestow favor on "
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2005 is spin industry rapid development, a year when obtain arrogant person outstanding achievement. Maintain the Chinese textile that high speed develops continuously, drew the look that international industry height pays close attention to. The high speed of the industry develops, try hard ceaselessly and develop what cannot leave enterprise oneself, at the same time we also see, organization of the international orgnaization of increasing spin industry, international and transnational corporation also produced their positive effect, for China company of broad spin clothing provides commerce communication opportunity, offerred market information to make outstanding effort. This column visits these international industry person of the same trades through the reporter, take you to approach they, the attention heat that understands them and place think of place to want.

2006: The key promotes abb home to spin

——— visits TheWoolmarkCompany (international Wool Secretarian) Li Shaoping of president of big China division Xi Ping of reporter of □ our newspaper

Knowledge plum always is first 10 years ago. In an accidental opportunity in university summer vacation, I got the chance that jackarooes in international Wool Secretarian. In those days, international Wool Secretarian is international spin industry enters China to begin one of orgnaizations with business not much amount to, namely thenceforth rises, I began to know the definitive international that international Wool Secretarian leads global wool spin this the market to organize.

Sharp words of Li Zong's fast person, work spell able, there is mental state in utterance nimble. She says, international Wool Secretarian begins professional work in China only then 1980, review that paragraph of period, woolmarkCompany (international Wool Secretarian) basically be a help industry of Chinese home wool spinning improves product quality, manufacturing technology technical service and guidance are provided on each link, course of study of the state-owend enterprise in be being helped with the product standard of international Wool Secretarian had a bigger promotion on product level. The company grew nowadays, market environment changed, the development that helps an enterprise strengthen the family expenses textile such as abb bedding and product quality promote, it is the working key that international Wool Secretarian is in China this year.
Avian flu: The woolen that it is a sheep welcomes chance
Mention international Wool Secretarian to be in China this year a few plans of the market, textile of family expenses of visiting Frankfurt international extends Gang Congde state and carpet of Han Nuowei international exhibits the Li Zong that come back, mentioned her to me a few experience. She says, just held in Germany in January from this year this two exhibit greatly can see on the meeting, because the avian flu epidemic situation of nearly one period makes European consumer puts apprehension to heart of eider down goods, europe begins to the market demand of eider down product abate, the demand that rejects wool products shows growth trend, because this is right for wool spinning enterprise, welcomed a rare development chance. A few bought the customer that with use eider down home be waitinged for spins a product in the past, begin apt to use abb now by, but those who make a person deep have feeling is, textile of European family expenses produces business to holding the lead position in this group course of study in the market, domestic company cannot look forward to and, this and company of European dress production put guard to form bright contrast to heart of Chinese clothing company.
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