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Fashionable dress of bedding incline to changes sanitarian function popular
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As standard of living rise, bedding looks in people had been durable no longer article, before 1000 people of bedding market “ the state of one side ” , nowadays already is to be not returned. No matter today's bedding goes up from style, design, color more and more incline to is changed at fashionable dress, and the bedding that has sanitarian function also gradually “ is popular ” . Bedding presents the Qiu Dong this year piece the following two respects characteristic:

Color style diversity

Recently, in a few bazaar and bedding inn discovery, this year no matter bedding compares in former years from material, design, color more rich and colorful. According to elegant Miss Lin of bedding inn introduces fragrant graceful, this year the Europeanize of integral style incline to of Qiu Dong bedding, appear the bedroom is more gorgeous; In colour respect, more the color of incline to nature, elegant is, if white, cream-colored, Fei is lubricious, apricot,wait, and the colour such as pink, purple and Composite also begins popularity. Fashionable youth, favore the bedding that has manual embroider quite, look more natural better off.

From the point of the material of bedding bag, although still be,give priority to with pure cotton goods, but a few high-grade article, be waited to also make the new trend of bedding like real silk of satin drill continous, blending, silk; From the point of style design, this year already no longer pure give priority to with pure lubricious printing, plain net printing, inwrought, color is knitted because more durable, color is richer,wait, three-dimensional and stereo effect, be enjoyed in what the person gives a kind of brand-new beauty on the vision and make market trend; Design chooses a side, criterion because of individual be fond of different, according to merchant reaction, common city witenagemot chooses to contain spring more colorific flowers design, white-collar much choice is tonal the check that quiet contains fashionable flavor, candy strip; Look from filler, besides original fine vinylon and cotton blend, still have the lighter, softer stuff such as silk, eider down, abb, be joined come in this cavalcade; Look from colors style, besides original onefold colour, what compare praise highly this year is shallow pink, shallow green, shallow yellow, purple, some design and color that are simple but elegant, a few sceneries pursue and still have the picture of certain plot clue.

Colour design adornment is changed

At present the more well-known bedding trademark on field of river retail sales tries hard to creat ego style, many manufacturer homes pay attention to fashion colour to be applied mediumly in bedding very much, make the product contains the smell that vogue influences as far as possible. Besides traditional flower and geometrical graph, all sorts of dark flower, only color, exaggerated design appear in the bed to taste in succession on. The element that the bed tastes stuff place to apply is more much also, printing of inwrought, plain net, color is knitted and different cloth matchs, show the individual character that gives different brand.  
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