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By " core " decision silk by the price
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The heat that at present is all sorts of bedding sells season, silk by it is among them the most welcome sort, it is silk likewise nevertheless by, the price differs however very far. Be with two-men exemple, have 200 already multivariate, also have 800 multivariate get on 1000 yuan even. Because be finished product, so consumer can undertake differentiating from mount of outside, bag only.

Silk by almost domestic home has carry out, and all bag mount imprint have “ fancy silk by ” or “ one class silk by the model of written characters of ” , did not indicate however the specific breed of silk. According to introducing, this year winter silk by extraordinary popularity, the citizen is right silk by acknowledge is spent very tall. Look from current condition, if have,be bought only by, 10 have nine to call-over want silk by. Differ as to the price big case, basically be the difference of silk quality.

Introduce according to the personage inside course of study, the grade level that at present silk was not united, those silk the grade that is gotten on by outer packing is him manufacturer of mark. Silk cent is silkworm and miscellaneous silkworm, the social status of mulberry silk should compare miscellaneous silk a lot of times taller. At present major silk is fluctuated on the market two are mulberry silk, inferior miscellaneous silk is among, some is chemical fibber even. So consumer had better choose the big manufacturer that has reputation when the choose and buy, if still not be at ease, after the place that makes to the spot picks good content thing, order directly do.

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