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Cling to bedding export order turns the Yin Mengsan in coming country
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According to Pakistan " commercial record signs up for " reported on January 8, get political situation queasy influence, cling to order of export of close 1/4 bedding will turn to China, India and Bengal the Three Kingdoms.

Bedding is all the time cling to one of exit fist products, but 2007 7 - in November, export total only 786 million dollar, with on year the corresponding period decreases 7% . After ex-premier Beibutuo is assassinated, many cities of countrywide produce disturbance, halt of industry and commerce, traffic breaks down, a lot of exporter cannot deliver the goods to Euramerican buyer as scheduled, together with cling to safe situation is tight, many importer already cancelled to come cling to inspect a plan, turn to be bought from China, India and Bengal the Three Kingdoms, for this, cling to will lose the order of nearly 1/4.

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