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Nowadays is the hottest (of bed of amorous feelings of 3 different region
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“ is to stem from a tradition no matter, formal still, bedroom and bed are in all the time the mankind is on evolution history times more civilized get attention. The bedroom also is a height private the space that change, should satisfy master physiology and affective requirement. In the bedroom, the bed is the focus of attention from beginning to end, it is the theme of interior space atmosphere. The bed has him individual character, resemble its host, no matter classic contemporary still, dress up differently present a different life content. And the bed of the ornament is acted the role of not allow to ignore likewise, its declare publicly is worn the grade with bedroom aesthetic host. ”
Contemporary and contracted style
Stylish with concise and lively beg to basically appeal to. In the bedroom, of line concise with colorific lively, reflect a modernistic intention. On colour collocation, it is fundamental key with black, white, ash, present colour visual perception to suffer with red, make bedroom accumulate contain provide extremely include sexual aesthetic feeling, and ark of concise the head of a bed and lamp are acted the role of, the program gives a kind of deft, contracted contemporary space language.

Mediterranean type style

The bedroom of Mediterranean amorous feelings brings the person's distinctive visual perception to suffer all the time. Apply in colour on, the habit chooses the light color with downy and decorous colour to move. For example, natural log furniture, concise and lively decorative thread, the small broken flower of soft beauty of harmonious, nature scatters in the bed to taste on, as if the sea wind that swaying Mediterranean warmth, comfortable and optional, plus downy light, that beautiful elegant Qingli that comes from nature makes a person cheerful.

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