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"Extremely excessive is sent comfortable " Icelandic wild eiderdown fills mount
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The Lei Keya early spring was not overcome, instantly of snow of wind of all over the sky is abreaction, bitesen also spread out smiling face eventually on the face of close lock scowl. Be engaged in catching as collect Icelandic mallard nap 20 old farmer, the environs that he did not overcome in Lei Keya has crouched those who observed two months is long. Be in a moment ago, he eventually when the hour that Icelandic eider abandons Chao Erfei, succeed ground general duck's down is taken out in mew oneself. According to Bitesen the experience of associate with, lay eggs period mallard is unusually alert and sensitive, a bit a sign of disturbance or trouble can fly away immediately, so he is forced to be in what follow closely near the duck mew of outskirts to await an opportunity. “ I so ability of cudgel one's brains for obtains extremely exiguous duck's down, do not know this world upper cover is worn really the people of these eiderdown can be how lucky ” , bitesen was laughing to give out such deep feeling.

Recently, the Yves Delorme of brand of top class household that comes from France rolled out cloth with soft nap of highest grade of an exclamatory making a person by ——Yves Delorme Icelandic eiderdown. As flange the luxury of acme amorous feelings enjoys a delegate on the west, yves Delorme this value 298 thousand yuan honour taste cloth with soft nap by, the attestation value of the historical inheritance with its homage, estate that taste ancient bronze mirror and the elegant and sophisticated technology that make was breaking people instantly to the bed by the original concept of luxury. It is reported, this bed is tasted bring sidelong glance of the person that get countless view and stand, giving out “ is what reason brought up this top class cloth with soft nap after all by ” guess with doubt.

Taking doubt, author open understands close “Yves Delorme the course of ” of Icelandic wild eiderdown. Let our go against the river seek a source originally, in historical course of hundreds of years, all without exception of European royal family regards the bed of for use of an emperor of royalty noble as to taste Icelandic wild eiderdown, on these person people what what bring to Icelandic eiderdown is exalted experience have the greatest esteem for. And the growing course of Yves Delorme is —— of annals of an Europe noble almost top class raw material, perfect craft and the principle that hold to production of set limit to make it became European royalty noble extremely the content of excessive. At this late hour, because of its history of baptismal of full of years is accumulated, the noble of France, Italy and Moroccan royal family all happen to coincide the ground chose custom-made of Yves Delorme place Icelandic eiderdown regards royalty exclusive as illicit home bed article, its are exalted blood relationship and lineal position this shows one spot. Yves Delorme Icelandic eiderdown comes to China now, most propbably also can have crowd of one fraction high end to just can be enjoyed only. Chan Cong this angle, the estate value sense of purchaser already was in with character of European royal family same a situation. The royalty homage that “ lets 163 years belongs to his life ” , it is Yves Delorme Icelandic eiderdown sends all enjoy “ costly, acme life ” regards the life as the concept, purchase the superexcellent gift of a man of insight of this extraordinary thing thereby.
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