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Thick sponge changes pillow of body aerospace science and technology arrives fro
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The pillow number one that thick sponge makes says high-tech is cure-all

Yesterday morning, 27 areas are industrial and commercial substation 5 lis of fort are industrial and commercial consumer complains a staff member basis, the treatment dot of ” of good to “ of a production public praise undertakes assault is checked. In cotton spinning road courtyard of one family member a of 2 buildings 3 rooms in the flatlet hall of one hall, one caboodle is putting pillow of a few finished product, semi-manufactured goods on half person's tall agglomerate thick sponge, still have two the stage is lock hemming machine. Li a pillow headgear with there are a few computers and tailor good inside house.

These pillows are made with thick sponge, and the brand that go up from page of other conduct propaganda and is stuck on this pillow looks, the aerospace of ” of “ good public praise that these pillows are production of limited company of science and technology of industry of health of Beijing good public praise 0 press pillow of memorial health care, the address is Beijing Haidian area revives road on the west paragraph. Say, these “ are good pillow of public praise ” is a basis Hansibaige of Germanism family doctor pursues to brainwave (EEG) research and principle of human body engineering, with American aerospace total arrange (NASA) of to dissolve astronaut and upward pressure of air man body research and development 0 press memorial sponge, curve of ministry of neck of according to human body is become via computer CAD elaborate design, the fiber of bamboo of green environmental protection that pillow outer garment chooses base of French guest slave to produce directly is made, the cover uses the United States inside Wei Jiang of Du Bang spy defends material is made, it is by the Asia the biggest polypropylene fibber produces base to offer outside Yuan Gong. Winter uses warm fish trap, warm one winter, the summer uses music, cool and refreshing one summer.

The effect that makes clear on propagandist page is: Because sleep incorrectly,can eliminate appearance and the exhaustion of generation and ache, reduce ache of part of speech, muscle and sleep-disorder, make interface of ministry of head, neck, shoulder does not have pressure, blood stream is expedite, can make human body fast enter good Morpheus position, safeguard cervical vertebra to be in normal physiology condition, protect cervical vertebra effectively, correctional or prevent to be out of shape. Ill to easy insomnia, easy stiff neck, cervical vertebra patient suits particularly. And say, children, old person, grown average per capita is appropriate.

This treatment nods a boss to say, this is manufacturer is entrusted order do, technical data is in manufacturer. But he does not offer those who give manufacturer to concern entrust proof material. Industrial and commercial personnel did not discover the high-tech raw material that says on propagandist page at all in the spot.
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