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One-time bedding profit is rich and generous
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One-time bedding profit is rich and generous
Fast nowadays convenient with clean sanitation be consumable market advocate demand, one-time bedding is having vast market space from this, no matter be travel place or medical establishment, need many one-time bedding, its market prospect is consequently capacious, profit is more rich and generous.
Market prospect
In people more and more the modern society that notices wholesome condition, one-time things is popular, more one-time bedding built vast market space. One-time wholesome bedding basically applies at the place such as sleeper of guesthouse, inn, hospital, school, army, sanatorium, train. These things belong to easy bad news to taste. According to concerning personage investigation, home market year demand makes an appointment with 50 million, if develop foreign market, prospect is better.
Product characteristic
One-time wholesome bedding is by without spin cloth or paper sex material to be made, the product has three-piece suit of sheet, bedding bag, pillowcase, main characteristic has:
1. Product sanitation is convenient. Because belong to one-time product, avoided to repeat use, after using, can throw away, convenient and practical.
2. Product cost is low. The cost of three-piece suit product is 2~3 only yuan, can be accepted completely by consumer.
3. Can reclaim use. One-time bedding is by without spin cloth or paper sex material to be made, these material are but degradation or reclaim the environmental protection data that use.
6~9 of the early days capital that start is controlled 10 thousand yuan, the product is complete outside assist treatment, of all kinds dress or bedding treatment company all producible. The treatment company with a not big dimensions, can produce per month 30 thousand () of sheet of draw together of every collar for a horse, bedding bag, pillowcase, 2~3 of every finished cost or so yuan, trade price 4 yuan, the market suggests price is 5 yuan, wholesale 30 thousand can gain profit more than yuan 30 thousand.
Management proposal
The consumptive idea of one-time bedding is far still did not shape, early days sale, conduct propaganda is the most important. Attend a few projects to communication is met or should have pretty good effect with conduct propaganda of media advertising means.  
The product is nodded to sell with environmental protection, the proposal concerns environmental protection to the branch applies for environmental protection attestation or become branch of local environmental protection to appoint a product to the country, increase social force, conduce to the market developing.
At present home already had new-style material to expect the production of one-time bedding is patent technology, patent application date is 2278851.4, be about to produce operator to also can consult relevant circumstance.
This invention is the one-time bedding that by blame weaving cloth or paper sex material make one kind, wait for composition by sheet, bedding bag, pillowcase, have wholesome, comfortable, safe, convenient, low cost, can reclaim, one-time, avoid clean wait for a characteristic.
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