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Pakistan is right of bedding turn over dumping custom duty to overstep limits of
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Euramerican turning over dumping custom duty to what the bedding of Pakistan executes is decision of sex of discrimination of a height, this oversteped the limits of authority of global trade agreement, the textile exporter that goes to serious blow Pakistan is the same as the competition of area competitor.
The textile exporter association of Pakistan (PTEA) working group is in go to the Europe that visit together appoint what they can convey on the meeting that research group holds is anxious, the indulgence that this the conference evaluated the trade policy of the European Union to enter European Union market to Pakistan is affected concessionally.

PTEA chairman pulls the discrimination sex manner that raised a husband to criticize an European Union, he says, the competitive associate of Pakistan enjoyed special status in European market, for example the textile exit of Bangladesh enjoyed tax-exempt status, and India and China enjoyed special treatment, they can enter European market freely, and European committee exports commandeer to the textile of Pakistan of 5.8% turn over dumping custom duty and the custom duty of 9.6% , cancel Pu Hui is made.

In addition, the proposal is returned on this conference, the exporter of Pakistan needs to build powerful professional go about selling an idea, this problem is turned round inside the frame of World Trade Organization.

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