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Summer bedding also " restore ancient ways "
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Who can think of, had disappeared from inside average citizen line of sight old bed-curtain, today Xiayou stage a come back, the reporter is in Shanghai bedding shop, farming industrial and commercial sell an and other places discovery greatly, today summerly bed-curtain sells quite fire, live in the place of such foreign flavour in appropriate home even, bedding bar edge also placed a few vaulted bed-curtain.
Compare with the photograph ten years ago, the bed-curtain nowadays had very big breakthrough on the appearance. The bed-curtain in memory has two kinds of figure, rectangle and vaulted form, but in Shanghai bedding shop, the bed-curtain appearance some here resembles bivouac tent, some resembles bowl of cover a bit again. Tell a reporter to just buying the newlywed of a bed-curtain, on the bed many bed-curtain, the bedroom becomes it seems that have emotional appeal more. Aside the assistant says to the reporter, domestic home has air conditioning now, using bed-curtain is not to prevent midge, when many consumer buy mosquito net, still express, air conditioning opens night be unable to stand, bed-curtain having a tip is OK still “ blocks the ” that block wind.

Not only it is bed-curtain, today Xia Simian by also be the citizen is bestowed favor on newly. The blessing ooze company that according to this city bedding produces one of bibcock businesses introduces, silk floss was shown merely by popularity last year build, and had formed climate this year, their company has marketted light so far give nearly 10 thousand silk floss by.

Today summer the “ of bedding restores ancient ways wind ” , it is citizen consumption is multivariate with each passing day actually reflect. Look today summer bedding market, sale of banquet of equestrian fragrant throughwort, cowhide seat continues to present stable state, thin model abb by, flax is walked into by increasing ground the market, and in and other places of constant grand square, appeared to count yuan of top class vogue even the personage inside course of study of brand bedding …… says, as standard of living rise, in former days Shanghai person bedding “ is new 3 years old the old idea of 3 years of ” , had been not returned nowadays, like liking to resemble buying the latest fashion even often “ breaks up turn over actor's costumes ” . Person the life of 1/3 is spent on the bed, why him treat unfairly?

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