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Exhibition of spin of 2008 Korea international (Preview In Seoul 2008)
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National Korea (South Korea) city head Er
Sponsor an unit to undertake unit
Supportive unit exhibits meeting name exhibition of spin of 2008 Korea international (Preview In Seoul 2008)
Hold time 2008-09-03 to end time 2008-09-05

Showpiece content exhibition of spin of 2008 Korea international (Preview In Seoul 2008)
2008Spring Summer International Textile Fair
One exhibition general situation
First time: 2000
The exhibition is periodic: Annual
Exhibit date: On September 3, 2008 - 5 days
Show a location: COEX (INDIAN HALL) of Korea head Er is exhibited originally meeting can apply for international market of national medium and small businesses to develop fund
Audience limits: Open to professional audience only
Limits of item on display: Textile of A, of all kinds family expenses: The shop reachs bath to wait with linen, antependium, vestee on cloth of ground material, wall, curtain, bed.
Of all kinds and B, natural raw material, fabrics: Silk, cotton, hemp, wool, cashmere reachs blending fabrics.
C, all sorts of making the garment uses yarn, fabrics: Cloth of knitting cloth, tatting cloth, grey, chemical fibber, printing and dyeing.
All sorts of D, dress complementary makings, complementary: Slide fastener, button, line, mat, decorations.
E, of all kinds industrial textile raw material, fabrics: Fiber, line, without spin the fabric of cloth, coating, fabric that press a layer, synthesis fabric.
All sorts of F, relevant publication: Book, design, software.

2 exhibition brief introduction
” of exhibition of spin of “ Korea international only then did 2000, sponsor by union of Korea fiber industry, official support is versed in for Korea business energy department, Korea invests commerce to promote committee. Annual, increase since 2002 it is two, be in respectively the trade centre of Korea head big Qiu of Er and fiber industry base is held. Through a few years be bred meticulously and make, should show already became Asian amount to is not at present much professional one of spin category exhibition. Exhibited an area 2007 10368 square metre, ginseng exhibit a businessman 226, exhibit 420, and the corresponding period holds symposium of industry of much field spin and communication to meet, call in audience 8817 person-time, include to come from Korea, Japan, Vietnam, before the trading company of country and the area such as Hong Kong of Russia, Mongolia, European Union, China, manufacturer and jobber, importer and purchase place. We already organized Chinese enterprise 6 years to attend this to exhibit continuously, exhibit before fabrics of fabrics of fabrics of cloth of grey, silk, printing and dyeing, big jacquard weave, yarn, small a rope for towing a boat, flax and goods, knitting and tatting, color knits T-shirt of fabrics of goods of series of fabrics, jean, drawwork, cotton, wollens, cashmere, brand to wait, among them some ginseng exhibited business scene to sign commerce contract, or reach treatment collaboration intent, ginseng exhibit an enterprise to all express to obtain more satisfactory result, ginseng of some name of uninterrupted already much annual report are exhibited.
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