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2008 Poland (Bocina) international major spin is exhibited (Tex-Style)
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South at present of wave of national city Poland
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Supportive unit exhibits meeting name 2008 Poland (Bocina) international major spin is exhibited (Tex-Style)
Hold time 2008-09-02 to end time 2008-09-04

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2008 Poland (Bocina) international major spin is exhibited (Tex-Style)

Extend meeting time: On September 2---4 days exhibit meeting site: The international austral polish wave at present exhibits a center
Ginseng extend range: Garment district:  of crab of W of ⑴ of grand of show off of ⒛ of  of  of  of ⒍ of  of  small ⑴ ?
Fabrics area: Linen-cotton cloth, knitwear, embroider, complementary makings, dress

Postpone meeting introduction: Should be being exhibited can be Poland and even the textile industry with medium, the biggest hamster exhibition, virgin 1992, a year of age two, by Poland company of exhibition of the international austral wave at present organizes the biggest exhibition organizer, it is the spin with the biggest Poland is exhibited meeting. Heretofore, accumulate for years already made it makes this trade relevant enterprise is occupational radiate of as a result of market of medium, hamster is whole of European market optimal exhibit one of meeting platform. It is OK to should be exhibited saying is a ginseng is exhibited business and purchase business collective the communication grand meeting of pair of winning international textile industries.
Reviewing of previous term or session: 2007, should exhibit can greet come from China, Russia, Belgian, Austria, Czech, Finnish, France, Germany, England, Greek, Italy, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Holand, Poland, Portuguese, White Russia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Wukelan; Exhibit can exhibit an area to amount to 23000 square metre in all; In addition, professional audience amount reached 23000 people. Include jobber, importer, chain store to represent place, shopkeeper, stylist, they attend a meeting search supply of goods, negotiate commerce and seek a partner. According to investigation, the participant of 88% can express satisfaction to should be being exhibited. And the group buys body to be its spin category surely already related the Eastern European country that comes from polish mainland and its photograph adjacent a large amount of purchasing meeting.

— of polish textile general situation—Spin garment industry has more important place in Poland. According to statistic of association of polish spin clothing, 2002, turnover of polish textile dress amounts to 3.1 billion euro (among them: Textile 2.1 billion Europe, dress) of 1 billion Europe; Its textile and clothing outlet forehead are 2.9 billion euro, and entrance amount amounts to 3.7 billion euro; To 2005, turnover of polish polish textile dress amounts to about 5.2 billion euro (among them: Textile 3.6 billion euro, dress) of 1.6 billion euro. The basis is polish central statistic bureau (GUS) statistic, market of polish spin costume is amounted to 35 - 4 billion dollar, spin dress consumes year of increase rate to exceed 5% , dress and shoe kind the 7 % that defray of average per capita is income. The European Union is the dry goods with the most fundamental Poland and garment trade associate, 2005, the European Union amounts to 3.1 billion euro to amount of polish export dry goods, dress; Germany is associate of trade of garment of polish the biggest spin, the product of the brand such as German HUGO BOSS and BETTY BARCLAY has very significant proportion on polish sale market. Poland is tremendous to demand of market of material dry goods, basically be Germany, Italy, France, Holand, Denmark, Belgian, Korea and China for goods country. Polish dress machines course of study to show 46000 to have a company in all, among them 90 % are a private enterprise, employee exceeds 50 people above do not cross 700. Although polish garment industry is very scattered still, although the biggest production business holds market share,also do not pass hundred, but this industry rises however to whole and polish economy hold the balance action.
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