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Exposition of international of spring of 2009 England Birmingham - the home spin
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Exhibit date: Will come 5 days on Feburary 1, 2009

Show a location: British Birmingham country exhibits a center

Postpone meeting introduction:

Exposition of British Birmingham international only then did 1976, run year every year two, by British commerce stimulative service limited company is sponsorred. This exposition is joined exhibit business to spread all over world each district, it is the best domestic articles for use on the world and home spin one of kind of professional exposition, exhibit an area for 80, 000 square metre, set each major to exhibit a house in all 20, its item on display exhibits an area classification is professional and specific, almost bursa enlarge whole family articles for use and gift industry product. 8 years exhibit there is the ginseng that comes from 50000 companies to exhibit an audience in the meeting 70093 people, among them the professional audience of 147 different countries and area 6802 people. Should exhibit can reach trade development to rise to urge action importantly to European economy, it is the enterprise opens the channel with European the the most convenient, most efficient market. Be opposite among them foreground of commerce of product of things of family expenses textile, cuisine, daily consumable, toy, gift is valued most.

Sponsor the long-term program that just meets to exhibiting to get used to an exhibition to develop a trend to reach, in view of me the company spins an industry to exhibit the result that obtains on the meeting in the home, exhibit can sponsor square active contact I manage, be in Europe to market promotion is a purpose and decide to will exhibit 20 houses in meeting 20 to exhibit a house with promoting Chinese home to spin a product jointly, 9 exhibit a house to name spin product exhibition for professional home, appoint me to manage the China that spins a house as Chinese area home always acts as agent, with 9 years the corresponding period of spring consumable exposition is held.

Showpiece content:

Bedding: On mattess, sheet, bedspread, bed a few are covered, pillow, quilt, cushion for leaning on, blanket kind, eider down goods, reach filler

Bathroom textile: Shade of gown of towel, bath towel, bath, bath gown, bath, bath is brushed, three-piece suit of ground mat, toilet bowl

Kitchen textile: Towel of things of apron, microwave oven, kitchen, antependium, napkin, dishcloth

Sunshade product: Curtain, curtain act the role ofing is tasted reach its accessory, shutter, of all kinds curtain, prevent bask in things to wait

Decorate fabrics: Of all kinds and flix of wall cloth, wall paper, man-made, compound mat, ground mat, vestee and adornment fabrics, adornment is covered etc

Room interior trim tastes: The home spins design design to reach its silk of adornment of popular trend, family, gift, antependium, lacy, vestee and cloth, in hardware of line, drawnwork, inwrought, adornment

Spread ground material: Carpet, piece the blanket, material that lay the ground
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