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Home of Tokyo of Japan of exhibition of textile of family expenses of 2008 Japan
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Exhibit meeting site: Tokyo international exhibits a center
Exhibit house title: Tokyo international exhibits a center
Extend meeting time: 2008-11-19 arrives 2008-11-22
Time signing up: 2008-5-10 arrives 2008-10-19
Exhibit meeting content: Postpone meeting introduction:

Only then achieving the exhibition of textile of family expenses of Japanese Tokyo international 1982 is the world's famous international home is spun kind exhibit meeting. Exhibition department is sponsorred by association of textile of Japanese family expenses, already held 25 continuously. This exhibition is exhibition of Japan's biggest textile of international family expenses not only, also be an Asia at the same time one of trade activities of the most influential force.

This exhibition holds every year regularly, exhibit an area 7 years 22, 950 square metre, ginseng postpone a business 350 (it is 317 6 years) attend a meeting travelling merchant amounts to 35000 person-time (6 years this statistic data is 33, 875 person-time) . Ginseng exhibit the person that negotiate to be importer, exporter, manufacturer and jobber more. No matter exhibition of textile of Tokyo international family expenses extends a number from dimensions, quality, ginseng, clinch a deal dimensions feel no regret the title at world-renowned exhibition.

2003 only then, JAPANTEX and the corresponding period of Japanese furniture exposition are held, time by annual instead was held every year in November in January, enlarged dimensions further, indoor furniture and family expenses cloth are united in wedlock each other, attend a meeting professional traveling trader increases considerably.

My department was joined 7 years in November exhibit a group triumphal and return! Ginseng extend gain rich and generous!

Limits of item on display:

Fiber of material of curtain and textile of general family expenses and relevant product, curtain course, carpet and flax of material of the material that lay the ground, mural act the role ofing, tapestry and family expenses, bathroom and bedroom things, packaging, spin and spinning, tool, spin, interior design and decorate, indoor illume and articles for daily use.

More exhibits meeting information to all be in Http://cici206.blog.bokee.net, the welcome calls in leave a message!

Sponsor an unit: Day a member of the same clan uses textile association
Assist run an unit:
Undertake unit: China can extend a network
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