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Exhibition of textile of Frankfurt international family expenses
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Exhibition of textile of Frankfurt international family expenses
Exhibit meeting site: Frankfurt exhibits a center
Exhibit house title: Frankfurt exhibits a center
Extend meeting time: 2009-1-14 arrives 2009-1-16
Time signing up: 2008-9-12 arrives 2008-12-31
Exhibit meeting content: Postpone meeting introduction: “Heimtextil”- - Frankfurt international family expenses and indoor textile exhibition- - it is one of exhibition brands with most successful Frankfurt, also be this domain dimensions at the same time the biggest, internationally the strongest exhibit meeting. Nowadays, “Heimtextil” still expands in ceaseless development, force protects industry congener the position that exhibits meeting leading sheep. “Heimtextil” is broad the high quality that comes from design, originality, production domain exhibits what business longs for day and night to reveal good opportunity, also be whole industry releases furniture cloth art, upholstery is tasted newly, the ideal platform of newest tide and design.

Classification of item on display: Vestee, window door and accessory (spin kind) , elegant embroidery, fiber, yarn, cloth, printing and dyeing, home spins accessory of leather of cloth of complementary makings, upholster, furniture, wall paper and metope coating, wall paper, cushion, carpet, blanket, woof, bedstead, bedplate, .

Sponsor an unit: Frankfurt shows a company
Assist run an unit:
Undertake unit: Round-the-world spin can extend a network
Address: The road austral Shanghai Pudong 4C of mansion of business of 2157 numerous towns
Postcode: 200127
Phone: 021-51696950
Fax: 021-51696991
Contact: Miss Dai

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