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Fashionable dress of international of Lu Nuo of 2009 Czech cloth reachs textile
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Exhibit meeting site: Czech cloth Lu Nuo
Exhibit house title: BVV of center of Trade Fair of international of Czech cloth Lu Nuo
Extend meeting time: 2009-2-17 arrives 2009-2-19
Time signing up: 2008-9-16 arrives 2008-12-30
Exhibit meeting content: Fashionable dress of international of Czech cloth Lu Nuo and textile exhibition (abbreviation STYL) hold 32 successfully already, it is medium the dress with Europe the largest area and fabrics are exhibited. STYL the corresponding period and KABO shoe are exhibited and skin leather things is exhibited hold jointly, abounded exhibit the pluralism of the meeting, also expanded to enter the business chance of the person that exhibit. Buy grow in quantity of year after year as major, the clothing that STYL&KABO has made middle east Europe have force most kind exhibit meeting, every exhibit can meet attract the ginseng of nearly 700 manufacturers that comes from 26 countries exhibit, in extending 3 days of time of the meeting, have more than 17, 000 audiences attend a meeting, 2000 international that include to come from 30 many countries among them purchase business and manufacturer.

Data of statistic of fair of fall of STYL previous term or session

ØTotal number of the person that look around: More than 15 what come from 26 countries, 000 person that look around

ØJoin the number that postpone business: 612 ginseng that come from 23 countries postpone business

ØJoin the satisfaction that postpone business to spend: 88% special satisfaction continue to attend, 9.2% satisfaction can consider to continue to attend, decide again after 2.8% considerations,

ØRate of satisfaction of the person that look around: 79.6% quality are very high, very satisfactory, 41.6% reach contract purpose

ØThe person that look around forms: 71.5% purchase a distributor for major, 19.9% amateurs, 8.6% common view

Czech market is analysed
The consumer of Czech shops very sensible, take seriously cheap and fine / content is worth somewhat, do not take a brand seriously very much, because this is medium,the home made product still has market potential very much in Czech. A few countries such as Czech joined an European Union formally on May 1, 2004, the European Union cancelled to limitation of Chinese textile quota 2005, this gives Chinese spin, dress and shoemaking enterprise to will be brought infinite new market business chance. STYL and KABO exposition serve as in Europe's biggest fashionable dress and shoe kind reveal platform. The dress shoe that comes from European each district at the appointed time kind professional production business, purchase business general assemble here, share an European Union east 75 what enlarge adds newly, 000, the tremendous business chance that 000 consumption population brings, the it is very main to will rise commerce platform effect that will develop the broad market that develops European Union nation for China. One year two STYL is exhibited meeting, it is you the optimal way of market of the Europe in marching. According to Czech government statistic: The 2004 dry goods that import from China and dress amount make an appointment with Czech 200 million U.S. dollor, 10% what the specified amount always imports in taking Czech spin garment, and the shoe amount that Czech imports from China and dress quantity are supporting rapid growth trend.
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