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Fall " the home is spun taste newly " pay attention to fractionize market more--
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“ brief decorate heavy adornment”Already made the development trend that in recent years the home spins kind of gift. Times ” is decorated after “ , in reveal personality, advocate of happy vivid concept today, the home with various breed spins things to become the grand opera that decorates household increasingly. 2008, in Olympic Games economy drive, develop as spin industry stress 3 big board piece one of the home spins an industry more greeted brand-new “ everybody spins times ” , the home spins things already was not the bedding on traditional sense, however collect the bedding, curtain, cloth art, towel household articles for use that is an organic whole. Elegance is beautiful beautiful, healthy and comfortable home spins a product to gift bedroom the style of a kind of sweet vogue, the beautiful scenery line that makes household living, also make the gift of high-grade individual character that accepts favour quite.
The Shenzhen toy gift of rich general exhibits Li Zhanhua to hold 15 successfully already, ginseng exhibit a product to cover the numerous category such as articles for use of gift, household, handicraft, toy, spin an industry as the home in recent years flying development, join Home “ that exhibited an enterprise to already formed present a splendid sight to spin army group ” , become exhibit one of window on the meeting. The “ that can exhibit a center to hold at Shenzhen to 27 day general on October 24 the 16th China (Shenzhen) international toy and gift exhibition ” set the home to spin only exhibit an area, gather together a look forward to that spin a name, collective reveals Qiu Dong newest bed is tasted and classical craft. The material of health of the pattern design that has a color alone, environmental protection is qualitative, the spot lives in atmosphere build, be spun your guest feeling the endless glamour that tastes newly by the home.

In successive years of group of Nanjing peaceful oath attends Shenzhen gift to exhibit, have below the banner bright and beautiful get together lane, child Gu Chuan, banner still, Fu Mi Ka, on a lot of brand such as ” of government office of weaving of Jiang Ning of clear lane, Yan Shou, “ , the product with accurate essence of its rich and colorful, fixed position always makes his exhibit a stage bustling. The product such as the Yun Jin that peaceful oath produces is declaring bequest of national world culture by Nanjing municipal government, the gift career that is China added luxuriant brushstroke. Today what the winter rolls out is new article will bring warm idea of happy and harmonious, “ child luxurious bedroom house covers Gu Chuan ” because its are knitted fleece-faced and close together, exquisite, with elegant the exterior of overhang makes a person times feeling is friendly with warmth, and its showily and forceful simple sense, more let its be like a body to face the natural and graceful like dream honour elegant. “ child pillow of Niu Bao of Gu Chuan ” , the undercoat cloth with soft nap of soft warmth, adorning lovely calf modelling, already comfortable lively and lovely.
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