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2008 China (Inner Mongolia) international spin machinery and knitting equipment
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City of Huhhot of national China city
Sponsor commerce of unit China International to promote hall of business affairs of Nei Monggol Autonomous Region of chamber of commerce of Inner Mongolia of chamber of commerce of China International of branch of committee Inner Mongolia to undertake Si Bo of Ike of unit Inner Mongolia can exhibit limited company
Russia of government of people of supportive unit Nei Monggol Autonomous Region is stationed in Huhhot to always get house Mongolia country to be stationed in Huhhot to always get a house to exhibit meeting name 2008 China (Inner Mongolia) international spin machinery and knitting equipment exhibition
Hold time 2008-08-20 to end time 2008-08-22

Showpiece content     1, equipment of spinning machine tool: Pily machinery, wool spinning machinery, hemp spins machine of machine of machine of machine of mechanical, couplet opening Qing Dynasty, fly frame, combing, card, spun yarn, drawing, spinning machine, doubling, twisting frame, cone winder, times twist machine.

2, weaving machinery equipment: Machine of cloth of machine of loom of loom of warping machine, warp sizing machine, pirn winding machine, rapier, water of air-jet loom, gush, gripper loom, loom having shuttle, brand, loom, check, sari machine.

3, equipment of knitting frame tool: Round abb machine, horizontal machine, socks machine, glove machine, warp knitting machine, hook makes up machine, braiding machine to wait.

4, catharsis, blanch, coloring, printing, arrange and sew equipment: Printing machine, coloring machine, finalize the design car of machine, make friends kind, smooth wash kind, harvester of the harvester of stenter, printing, harvester that catch an oar, the silky luster of mercerized cotton fabrics, very hot cut harvester, make friends to catch harvester, arrange facility of harvester, pre-treatment, after collator fetterses, washer.

5, equipment of chemical fibber machinery: Machine of product line of facilities of aggregate equipment, filament filature equipment, the treatment after filament, short staple, filature, holiday twists machine, be out of shape pump of machine, draft machine, crimping machine, winding machine, winding head, filature.

6, without spin mechanical equipment: The machine that become a network, machine that spread a net, pinprick machine, water thorn machine, advocate thorn machine, without the product line that spin cloth, without equipment of the stand-alone that spin cloth.

7, spin equipment: Luo La, spindle, steel is gotten, card clothing, shake frame, canal of canister of ingot of ingot ala, condole, reed, chamfer, warp beam, beam, spindle band, gauze, canister, stop to sell, casing of head of sari roller, bead ring, rapier, put together and accessory.

8, spin engine a replacement: Equipment only subsidiary engine of spare parts of fittings of machinery of subsidiary engine of fittings of fittings, spin subsidiary engine, spinning machine instrument, weaving, weaving, knitting, knitting, catch whole mechanism only accessory, chemical fibber is mechanical only device of accessory, mouth.
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