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Southern bedroom is acted the role of hold 2008 suppliers informal discussion
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Came on July 22, 2008 on July 23, square bedroom acts the role of informal discussion of supplier of things limited company to install sea 昇 big public house to be held smoothly in Shanghai petrifaction world south Shanghai.

The conference by production deputy total Gu Tao is chaired, be led related the company such as general manager Xie Ancheng, Yang Shouhai, Zhang Shangjiao, Xie Huihui and purchased a staff member to attend the meeting, come from countrywide each district 3, 40 suppliers come round to attend the meeting.

On congress, company leader and relevant branch chief listened to a supplier seriously people opinion and proposal, had spot communication. In addition, shanghai circumjacent manufacturer also suffers before inviting, will attend this forum, what union acts the role of collaboration a few years with southern bedroom is actual, communicative the feeling of oneself and experience, was sure southern bedroom is acted the role of adequately purchase a center to be run in the standard, the efficient organization, result that enhances the respect such as service consciousness to obtain.

After square bedroom acts the role of a success to hold 2008 suppliers informal discussion south afterwards Shanghai, on July 26, southern bedroom acted the role of Wenzhou to also hold 2008 suppliers informal discussion. The conference is in a company 7 buildings are muti_function hall is held, the supplier that congress basically is aimed at as long-term as the company cooperation people undertake communicating.

Company leader is opposite respectively Yuan Fucai makings was purchased during first half of the year 2008, the field work such as quality was done summary and review, right second half of the year and the following job put forward to look into 2008 with the program. Supplier delegate is on the meeting speak out freely, affirmed the achievement that will act the role of collaboration with southern bedroom for years adequately, act the role of cooperative confidence sturdily with southern bedroom, also put forward to advance the opinion that company and supplier develop jointly and proposal at the same time, act the role of a product to supply the job to give counsel for southern bedroom jointly.

Through holding 2008 south twice bedroom acts the role of supplier informal discussion, the partner of the company deepened the understanding that acts the role of to southern bedroom, promoted southern bedroom the integral image that act the role of, reached mutual understanding, the effect of mutual trust.

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