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Thirteenth bright and beautiful Chinese home is spun, spin fabrics and complemen
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Name: Thirteenth bright and beautiful Chinese spin exhibition The 13th Jinhan Fair For Textile
Abbreviation: Jinhan Fair-TGF
Sponsor an unit: Guangzhou city bright and beautiful Chinese city of Guangzhou of exhibition limited company protects benefit nation trade to invest limited company
Extend meeting time: On November 2, 2008 - 6 days (wide meet meeting the same term)
Exhibit can exhibit a house: Guangzhou city sea bead area new harbor east road 1000 (Pa continent) trade of the world that protect interest reads extensively house (wide hand in jointly with area)
Fixed position of item on display: The home is spun, dress, fabrics, dress and complementary makings fittings kind
Exhibit meeting setting:
◆ bright and beautiful Chinese spin dress and fabrics exhibition held 12 successfully already, obtain international to exhibit allied attestation.
◆ is dozenth exhibit the exhibition area of the meeting to amount to 23, 000 square metre, exhibit digit 1254, ginseng postpone a business 569
◆ bright and beautiful Chinese spin exhibition (Jinhan Fair For Textiles) the area that collected Chinese textile to develop most (Fujian, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Guangdong and Hong Kong) preeminent company
◆ is exhibited can have the 130 thousand database that buy the home, annual the corresponding period of Fair of Chinese import and export merchandise that spring and autumn and home have force most is held with the city.
◆ is in dozenth exhibit in the meeting, visiting Mai Jiada 25, 389 person-time, several attend a meeting continuously buy the home to occupy enter 37% of person-time
In dozenth exhibit in the meeting, the Asia buys the home to occupy 51% , europe is occupied 20% , america is occupied 14% .
Postpone can new course of development:
◆ 104 wide hand in meeting general cent period is held, use road drifting a flower to exhibit a house no longer, move entirely division arrives Pa continent exhibits a house, dimensions is baronial, business chance is infinite.
This ◆ exhibition with wide hand in can major reform to be chance, move in the round division arrives Pa continent protects benefit world trade centre to hold.
◆ and wide hand in meeting 3 period spin is exhibited be the same as area with time (in November 2008 2-6 day · Pa continent)
◆ dimensions expands to 35, 000 smooth rice, exhibit digit to amount to 1, 800
◆ bright and beautiful Chinese (protect interest) spin dress and fabrics exhibit one divides into two, evolve into Cheng Jinhan dress and dress to exhibit, bright and beautiful Chinese home is spun, spin fabrics reachs complementary makings to exhibit, exhibit meeting more specialization.
◆ adds dress and home newly to spin exhibit an area, to buy the home one-stop purchase offer advantage.

Ginseng exhibit an object: The possesses domestic and international lawful management qualification inside and outside that gives priority to with produce or managing spin and relevant product sells labour trade business.
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