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2008 (autumn) Shenzhen international home spins cloth art exhibition
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“ cloth art of activity of Chinese ” series begin flourishingly make Shenzhen international home spins cloth art exhibition to already surmounted general exhibition to undertake the product trades spatial function, become breed the home to spin the brand, grand meeting that leads fashionable consumption, stimulative industry development, become industry public figure to know an industry development, master popular trend, hold the market pulse, authority that formulates management strategy to exhibit meeting

Substantial market natural resources

Shenzhen international home spins cloth art to exhibit condense resource of entire industry market with powerful force, hundreds ginseng exhibits business and number major to buy the home to build a tremendous home to spin trade group jointly, offer all-around market alternative. No matter be old brand strategy or poor dissimilation,manage, shenzhen international home spins cloth art to recommend method and substantial market natural resources strongly to offer ideal commerce to extend a space for the enterprise with its, help enterprise makes a dominant position, a thousand li of decide the issue of the battle.

The brand effect of star assemble

Shenzhen international home is spun exhibit gather together countrywide star home spins cloth art brand, the condition of the closest development that reflects Chinese home representatively to spin cloth art brand. Of high quality scales show the result, let brandish of brand charm state of mind asperse; Grumous professional connotation, brand culture play comes acme. Fashionable tide and brand advantage exhibit photogenic each other to reveal in Shenzhen, lighten home spins the bright color with cloth art the brightest industry.

Authoritative tide is how-to

The top design that countrywide home spins cloth art industry and product build up spin at Shenzhen international home exhibit, form powerful tide to spread oriented power, become the home to spin cloth art enterprise to hold development first of tide of vogue of the important guide of machine, group good cut a point. Shenzhen home is spun exhibit, it is the focus that an arena that spins vogue, tide gathers together.

The industry with hand-in-hand win-win communicates

Shenzhen international home spins cloth art to exhibit not only it is the industry platform with infinite business chance. It is sound of countrywide person of the same trade is interlinked more, the emotional bond that takes in all hand in hand, old collaboration makes the person of the same trade's relation close, the friendship that the hardships and difficulties that tastes in all allows authority is long and cover firm. The spot that through held couplet friendship evening banquet, school designs the rich and colorful such as forum of height of appraise through comparison of contest, new product, industry communicates an activity, further trade communicates, amount to send win-win to keep abreast of.
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