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Clothing of children of teenager of 2009 Shanghai international reachs expositio
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Exhibit date: In March 2009 10-12 day
Exhibit an address: Is ü of Jin of compose of Pan of cover of Xiao of grey Zhun of Tang Fang of expostulate with of Zhui of quiet beanstalk  stupefied  " is  of Po of Lu of  of Xie of V of quiet Fu have diarrhoea punished?
Sponsor an unit: Guangzhou city Xing Hui commerce shows limited company

Exhibition introduction:
Because domestic exchange rate rises ceaselessly, labor cost raises wait for numerous element to export profit around what affecting countless consumable business, the export business that is dominant with export before is transforming gradually sell pattern to add the new trend of sale in domestic market in order to export, put home on huge sale market the look afresh, consequently market of domestic consumable sale was being formed at present new round market sale contends for a situation unexpectedly; Well-known, attending major to exhibit meeting general is an enterprise development market is the directest the most efficient way; And according to reliable information divulge, the small commodities with countrywide the largest scale is professional market general settle at Guangzhou, accordingly, optional location Guangzhou holds “2009 year ” of exhibition of Guangzhou spring consumable is to complying with climate and favourable geographical position, laid solid foundation to exhibit the success of the meeting to hold.
Current exhibit meeting general to take sale in domestic market export such double mode, the ginseng outside doing for the country exhibits business and the commerce environment that buy the home to offer a harmony; We believe, current exhibiting meeting general is to refer the sale channel outside exhibiting an enterprise to develop country and the optimal way that know the newest information inside year industry. Infinite business chance, awaiting everybody's participation!
Xing Hui exhibits company general with “ of ” of sincere letter, efficient, innovation do the ginseng that exhibits a tenet to be you to exhibit the journey to provide more complete service, begin to accept application of domestic and international professional manufacturer or agent signing up to exhibit since September 20; Exhibit “ will be executed to sign up to choose the principle that extends a ” first first below uniform price, welcome you to seasonable incoming telegram seeks advice or ask for more detailed ginseng to exhibit a data.
Predict current exhibit meeting exhibition area to amount to 20 thousand square metre, the standard is exhibited amount to 1100. Current the category that exhibits meeting general to press item on display delimits divisional region is revealed, have among them: ⒓ of basketry grain two bows with hands clasped to Tuo Lei of ⒉ of to fold of road of ⒉ of  hole frowsty two especially ⒂ of frowsty two of  of ね of brandish of  of bone of straw of cover of Ban of  of reed of  of bone of an ancient term for silk fabrics of course of study of 〖 of suddenly of  of bone of billabong frowsty atmosphere holds spring of  of bone of Da of slave-girl of ⑼ of beach  two [Da bone, bring more commerce business chance to come from the travelling merchant of each district.
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