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Fair of trade of textile of dress of international of the 15th Shanghai
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The 15th Shanghai International Clothing&Textile Expo
On March 10, 2009 —12 day
Shanghai new international reads extensively center (W2-W5)
Sponsor an unit: Shanghai people government
Organizing committee of Cultural Festival of Shanghai international dress
Undertake unit: Shanghai international shows limited company (SIEC)

Commerce & is fashionable
The dress that regards the world as the first of all produces country and consumptive country, we believe, chinese garment industry accumulate contained actual strength and flourishingly development is the main motive force that promotes world garment industry.

A professional commerce platform that nots allow to miss

Promote you the competitive advantage in huge market
Be based on China's tremendous dress to produce can mix the market, fair of trade of textile of Shanghai international dress already made the new assemble point that complementary makings and home spin Asian dress, face.
1500 when came from 13 countries and area 2008 ginseng that postpone business are exhibited, attracted many 30000 audience of 54 countries and area, a lot of exhibiting business hands in a mouth to praise.

The product that leads you wins take business chance
Even if market ten thousand changes in the twinkling of an eye, above sea is domestic costume market of the representing, the information that brings newest delicacy for you. Buy the home to gather, the market is active, vision is original. Shanghai —— will present the business chance that cannot be likened to for you, it is you banner person of the same trade the superexcellent opportunity of one pace.

Collect market information, hold popular trend
It is the Shanghai dress exposition of the tenet with commerce + vogue, all along is the platform that each dress brand, native land stylist and international stylist release fashionable message. City of vogue of Shanghai —— international, will present different fashionable concept to you, forward position stylist, dynamic fashionable atmosphere, collide here a distinctive artistic scintilla.

One passes the stage of newest and fashionable information

ØInternational brand is new paragraph head hair
ØStylist work is released
ØExcellent design work releases professional dress institute
ØTrend static state releases fashionable dress popularity
ØExpert of international popularity trend reports
2009 new trends
The corresponding period holds clothing of children of teenager of “ Shanghai international and things fair”
To 12 days of Shanghai new international read extensively on March 10 central W2 house

Exposition of professional omnibus large dress

Through innovate for years and be being accumulated, shanghai dress exposition forms the dress that gives priority to with hand-me-down integrated kind exhibit meeting, item on display covers each parts of the industry:
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