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Fair of cotton goods of needle of the 91st China
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Time: 29 years in Feburary 22-24 day
Place: House of date of 1-W4 of 腤 of happy travel of ├ of assorted of  of shrimp P deer (Yang Lu of dragon of Shanghai Pudong new developed area 2345)
Approve an unit: Department of Commerce of People's Republic of China
Sponsor an unit: Is discharge  troubled by  to fly peach enemy  ?
Undertake unit: Beijing of crab herd? ) can exhibit service limited company
Spin in current (Beijing) business affairs consults limited company

Fair of Chinese needle cotton goods is current the history is the longest among domestic knitting industry, dimensions the professional grand meeting with the biggest, the most powerful force.
Domestic big market, big supermarket, meeting ” had taken the injection in the “ that big market and numerous agency gather together 90 course, she will continue to promote a brand for brand enterprise, can be exit OEM more, ODM enterprise seeks market of sale in domestic market, search home to stick card opportunity, show vast space, meeting ” contributes the needle in also will be transition of Chinese textile industry to make “ duely.
Already met at the needle in the 90th “ that 23-25 day held in Feburary 2008 on ” , exhibit an area 46000 square metre, the audience is close 50 thousand person-time, enclothe 34 province city of countrywide to reach 5 continent, among them 1400 major purchase personnel to come from more than 200 market of domestic.
We continued to be what you prepared 46000 square metre to exhibit an area 2009, the corresponding period holds agency to choose home of the most welcome brand, Europe to spin a design to reveal, international popularity trend is released and the activity such as the forum of rich and colorful, expect your participation!

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Show time: 29 years on Feburary 22 - 24 days
Cloth extends time: 29 years on Feburary 19 - 21 days
Install an enterprise to entered a house on Feburary 19 especially
The standard is exhibited entered a house on Feburary 20
Exhibit meeting content
The product is revealed, commerce negotiates, the product is recommended, special subject forum, fashionable underwear is beautiful

Trade limits
Underwear kind the product reachs complementary makings, dress kind the product reachs complementary makings, home to spin kind of product and face complementary makings, relevant design, pack, mechanical, media

Extend overall arrangement of area item on display
Knitting dress shop () of house of date of W1, W2:
Bedroom of of all kinds underwear, bra, household is taken, socks is tasted, cashmere woollen sweater is pants, sprotswear, T-shirt, recreational outfit, swimsuit swim pants, glove, cap is tasted, complementary makings, product packs area of dress of knitting of filar towel cravat, children, knitting design
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