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Textile of China International family expenses reachs complementary makings expo
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Shanghai of national China city
Sponsor trade of unit China International to close to Frankfurt of guild of textile of family expenses of branch of meeting spin industry, China, Germany exhibits limited company to undertake unit
Supportive unit exhibits textile of family expenses of meeting name China International and complementary makings exposition
Hold time 2008-08-26 to end time 2008-08-28

Showpiece textile of content   China International family expenses and complementary makings exposition (Intertextile-home Shanghai) , initiative 1995, close to by China International trade guild of textile of family expenses of branch of meeting spin industry, China and German Frankfurt exhibit limited company to be held jointly. It is China exclusive the home of level of a state spins an industry professional international trade exhibition, serve as the home with the largest whole world to spin exhibition- - German Frankfurt home is spun exhibit sponsor Fang Deguo Frankfurt to exhibit a company to be spun in global series home exhibit (of Intertextile-home) among them one of, already became afterwards Frankfurt home is spun exhibit (the scale is the largest Intertextile-home exhibition after Heimtextile) .

Wide extensive of exhibition item on display, the bedding that covers to many greatly, sofa uses shop flag of sunshade of sex of cloth, function with the curtain of cloth, whole, small decorate handicraft of things, spin to towel, bath towel, slipper and family, and software of the design of textile of concerned family expenses, CAD, examine detect etc.

The commerce that spins an industry as the spin industry of national level and home is promoted reach industry guidance section, exposition sponsors trade of unit China International to close to branch of meeting spin industry and Chinese home spin association, a series of activities were organized on exhibition jointly with German Frankfurt company, in order to promote the ceaseless development that Chinese home spins a property and the farther communication that spin an industry with world home.

Contest of design of textile of Chinese family expenses passes development of a few years, take part in the match work content develops complex now household integration from simple bedding three-piece suit (include bedding not only, still have a curtain, carpet, desk lamp, tableware a series of household deserves to act the role of) . Exhibit can sponsor the hand scale that just pioneers to make rough sketch, hand draw ability, nation and fashionable combinative concept have in work reflect very well. To pay close attention to and be participated in what move public figure of inside and outside of course of study more extensively, make broad consumer thorough understand the design fascination of family expenses textile, all enjoy sweet, vogue, comfortable household what soft adornment culture brings is cheerful, the contest held a net to go up especially selection activity. The award that takes part in the match with product objective set? Home of Quot; fashionable glamour spins design award " , the award that takes part in the match with originality rough sketch set for " vogue originality home spins design award " .
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