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Introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad bright lau
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—— the 89th in needle the interview on the meeting bright exceed president Hu Mingliang

Hu Mingliang, common and bright beautiful name, name of a common and rich significant, the enterprise —— that is like him bright super- .

Send look at happiness tomorrow, perhaps say, everything is tomorrow, the pray that this is each hunter looks. Hu Mingliang is not exceptional also of course, he locates to his enterprise even if “ is created tomorrow, surmount dreamy ” .

Look in me, if we more will stare at the look tomorrow to be able to make the person feels windy and empty, if we go to writing retrace,depict history can feel distant and heavy again, so, between the past and future, today, we should be done what and how making gift is most important.

By my judgement, hu Mingliang is a wisdom and sane person. Bright exceed the home to spin a brand: Appearance of season of Yaweisi, dream, bright super- , high school is small 3 archives product, be just as “ ” of 3 arrows volley, already spun the market to produce very big effect in whole home in recent years, make a lot of person of the same trades blow eye. Accordingly, my judgement had excellent basis.

We sit together to chat (cannot be firm sense to go up about interview) , both sides is very optional and relaxed.

I say: Article and number make clear, your company grows rate nearly two years very fast, this deserves congratulation.

Hu Mingliang laugh says: My individual does not feel fast, actually, the time that I use just is spent be being bred and above found.

I say: Seize a base single-handed, stress development single-handed.

He says: I special take a fancy to a foundation, found for the sake of tomorrow, good will make solidly from today tomorrow, business development has aftereffect to see a basis namely.

I ask: Talk about a dot specific.

Say of his Kan Kan: We emphasize the talent's choose and education. Current condition looks, bright the need that the talent structure that exceed basically achieved progress, of course as the enterprise grow to should be adjusted ceaselessly and be strengthened ceaselessly. You look, the development of new product designs the talented person that needs high level, the personnel that had advanced equipment to need high level goes operating, scientific and orderly development needs the administrator of high level, the product sells the sale team that goes out to need Gao Shuiping to wait a moment. If an enterprise hopes great progress is consistent at incincible position, should say any link needs to take on by the talent that suits. I am certain, the person is the mainest factor.

I ask again: What wise move do you have on management?

He laughed: Have what wise move, if have, that is the resultant force that the wisdom of a lot of people forms. So say to you, I am president, but I am one of leaders of average high level member, the high level leads the responsibility category that has his, everybody manages each its duty, important its collective discusses, a lot of things are not be decided by me or of clappers, need far from.
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