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General manager of company of bedding of riverside river new century is senior e
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Dominant position of play industry group moves toward sew with long stitches to seam " of " new century
Came 30 days on August 28, dozenth a textile of China International family expenses and complementary makings exposition are held ceremoniously in Shanghai. 21 dimensions enterprises that sew with long stitches seams the home to spin an industry hold riverside river county in the arms for the first time round ginseng is exhibited, become this to exhibit a window of the meeting. Among them limited company of new century bedding is exhibited before passenger flow is constant, fang Shuiming of company general manager and staff member are busy extremely, the working setting of in full swing drew the attention of the crowd. We interviewed division of general manager of new century company, advanced economy Mr Fang Shuiming designedly.
Are you satisfactory to entering the result that exhibit this? Has at present new century been in exhibit clientele of how many intent to reach on the meeting?
Square: This ginseng exhibits new century the result is right still, compare forecast be close friends a lot of. At present our intent client has been achieved about 200 many.
Be known according to us, in all this riverside Jiang Can postpones a business in, the intent client quantity of new century is most, what is the mainest reason that you feel to attract these clients?
Square: The reason that I feel the mainest is distinctive former activate plan. The product that our company has an in part is own design, and our design has market specific aim very much, in order to ensure product sale suit one. Spin in this home for example exhibit on, almost all products that we exhibit have intent client, because our design got used to the taste of different client and demand. At present our staple market is in Euramerican, because the consumer of Euramerican country is right,our sew with long stitches seams product and craft to having very good understanding state of mind, and be in China, consumer wants understanding and the product that accept us to still need a paragraph of very long time.
Besides outstanding former activate plan, still have product quality, this 2 o'clock will be the most crucial link that all enterprise grip does not loosen.
In the market of mechanism product be in power, the sew with long stitches that serves as traditional handicraft seams a product, how can just show an advantage, occupy take more market share?
Square: As the progress of science and technology, the enterprise also begins to introduce advanced technology to undertake upgrading to traditional handicraft. For example we are new century company, already introduced a lot of high-grade device at present, be aimed at diverse client demand, have the production of mechanism product; In the meantime, will conventional manual technology and computer technology are united in wedlock well rise, will behave this kind of high-tech and traditional handmade confluence through the product. For example, in a product, we have handmade to make already, also have the embroider of computer.
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