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Brave of king of president of company of Ai Shiman bedding
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4 sheet of one magnify date, pillowcases and a bedding bag, price is as high as 4375 dollars. This bedding is already selected the United States Forbes website 10 old the most expensive products, sell price giving a day the excellent technology that the reason depends on its manufacturer retaining nearly 100 years, and high-grade Egypt cotton cloth is used makings. Does product of these days price let us what view appreciate?
The backside of brand high price

It is not strange that “ sells this kind of price, bedding of ” Ai Shiman (Shenzhen) language of brave of king of limited company president fast very fast, the Italian Ai Shiman brand of “ our representative also wants in RMB of foreign price amount to 30000 - 40000 yuan. ” looks differ very few two products, give on any account with respect to cent immediately in connoisseur eye, “ produces the Ai Shiman product from Italy to use formerly makings is very exquisite, the detailed pitch of fabrics can achieve 300 needles above, some even 500 needles. ”

Besides with expensive ” of makings “ essence, italian mainland produces a course whole craft is to be finished by hand, as Laosilaisi general, and the hand of hundred years knits inheritance craft is passed closely nothing more than, labour cost is extremely high. And contemporary dimensions is changed use in production woven craft batch production, labour cost drops substantially.

Two-phase is compared, content of unfailing “ of old sign nature with rare for expensive ” .

Helpless low end course

Wang Yong introduced Ai Shiman brand 2002, bilateral at that time agreement is, shenzhen company has brand access of Ai Shiman, can be beyond Italy all area sale. Wang Yong encounters Ai Shiman very accidental also, there is a plant that makes bedding in “ hand, think the representative that makes international brand sells right, find brand of this Italy royalty finally. ”

But acting road is not level road, 30 thousand yuan of right-and-left price are in international home market is little person make inquires, hangzhou of king brave respecting acts as agent to block the shop of blessing repeatedly, “ France brand, 10 thousand multivariate one, often be 3 days do not open sheet, one sheet eats 3 days. ”

“ most consumer still values the value, so Wang Yong is in ” to took Ai Shiman 2002 after the brand, also try to open market of sale in domestic market, but do sale in domestic market to be different from become for sale abroad or in another part of the country, export trait is single hundreds of a sheet is tasted, this is not much to product line requirement, and the product line that of test of order of sale in domestic market is enterprise oneself, the original product line in king brave factory is insufficient, productivity does not follow to go up. Through 4 years time is redesigned, adjust a product, product line of improved Ai Shiman, reduce fabrics cost, final Wang Yong is in price of sale in domestic market surely 2000 - 3000 yuan.
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