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Changsha carries the happy merchant of noise elegant shop
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On October 15, 2007, the road in be located in Huangxing of shopping centre of Hunan governor sanded downtown crowd of 35 general merchandise of well of Changsha king government office is roar, miss Li that lives in area of the foot of mountain of Changsha high mountain just new residence of move to a better place or have a promotion, take the advantage of the bedding of new home choose and buy that will be oneself this weekend. One is lost in the edifice, a bedding shop that the name carries noise elegant ” for “ lets Miss Li shine at the moment: Below downy lamplight, contend for the rose that blossoms, an animal-drawn seed plough that sways along with wind to fight a flower, the product that gives priority to a problem with flowers cooperates high-key purple, pure and fresh green, romantic pink, let sell an environment to appear warmth, comfortable, and was full of rural amorous feelings. Miss Li says, that momently she can feel the heart is settleclear static, if Mu Chunfeng is general. Choose tote an ancient musical pipe elegant! Miss Li made a decision at once.

Actually, changsha carries noise elegant shop to be in on October 12 just just practice, to October 15 mere 4 days. According to merchant Ms. Wu Haitao introduces, miss Li is the 23rd her client. Wu Haitao says, general merchandise of well of king government office is Changsha the part with monomer the at present largest area shops, meal, recreation, recreational the bazaar of high-end general merchandise that is an organic whole, here, take a fancy to the stream of people here namely, consume a crowd, because here is located in Changsha center shopping centre. The fact proves her judgement is right. As we have learned, since practice, changsha carries day of noise elegant shop average turnover is in 6000 yuan of above. Wu Haitao says, sell the arrival of busy season as bedding, turnover can have big promotion for certain, “ to this I have hope very much. ”

Before investment carries noise elegant brand shop, wu Haitao has done old bedding to export the business, spin the market to understand very much to the home. She says, I am opposite “ as a child colour is interested, the bedding that confused of extraordinary splendour of decorative pattern, design shows is the boy or girl friend that I admire all the time. ”

The old think of a way that allowed her to produce a bedding brand shop from already all previous. “ is additional, changsha person is more fashionable, always hold fashionable pulse well and truly, to new thing can incorporate things of diverse nature, advocate individuation. Plus Changsha nearly two years buy a room to decorate upsurge, the market increases to bedding demand also is the reason that I invest bedding to sell. ” after making a decision, she begins to research the market.

The friend recommended “ to promote brand of Lai Ya ” to Wu Haitao. She says, “ first time contacts the product that promotes Lai Ya, I immediately by the product beautiful beautiful colour, original pattern design is attracted, be different from the brand of Hunan this locality completely. I liked to go up, resemble a client Miss Li is same. The style with the pure and fresh, contracted, natural, refined product that promotes Lai Ya and modern think of regression is halcyon mix from inside intense competition leisurely and comfortable life fashion happens to have the same view, I want to carry noise elegant affirmation to be able to strive for fair market share in living in the market. I placed this sign in the heart at that time. Later period is communicated through calling with manufacturer, understanding arrives on the color that raises the competition ability with elegant noise to express downy now beauty not only and pattern, and compare with congener product photograph, sexual price is higher, the price is more competitive; At the same time the product can offer the form a complete set of same pattern to live in things, wait like curtain, bedgown, towel; Product quality is excellent, company affirmatory silk is like 180 days to have quality problem by carry out hind termless return money. The policy of privilege of business of a few action that additional grandfather manages, say early days set up shop for example coach the job, the advertisement of later period supports and to employee system groom directive, and the interest that headquarters has very comprehensive measure to assure agency. Headquarters can help us have sales promotion in holiday, whole activity makes a plan by the company, recommend inventory arrangement. Get bad product to selling, headquarters can exchange freely to goods breed. If manage,encounter a problem to want to remove inn, headquarters will give to the rest product reclaim certainly policy. These information make me more sturdy make the hope of this brand.
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