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Let the home become you to lie fallow truly relaxation port bay
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—— visits Shanghai moxa Lai to depend on Xiang Guobin of general manager of limited company of family expenses textile

The 89th when just end in the needle is met, lingering sound unfinished. In congress, every home spins what the enterprise brings us is the enjoyment on the vision not only, more the people that lets attend a meeting, play knife and fork the gluttonous regale of a modern culture. All brands are in with oneself particular kind, explaining oneself culture. These culture are not had is not the life around modern people, dig development from inside ethical culture and international culture.

In content desire crosscurrent today, people is in obtain while material is contented, also times get the course that gets material is satisfied, and brought mental pressure. How to loosen body and mind, go enjoying the satisfaction that material brings to the life? Neither one is unified and accurate result. But, have a bit, everybody is in busied one day, no matter mood stand or fall, should return recuperate in the fossa that belongs to oneself. So, here Home —— , become true can cheerful mood, loosen the place of body and mind, it is the directest undoubtedly, the most efficient way. Then, the operator that Shanghai moxa Lai spins according to the home and stylist people go all lengths, build Home “ ” more sweetly, more romantic, more recreational, among the design that they chose to move boreal Europe recreational amorous feelings to the home that he produces to spin a product.

The home spins things is not a burgeoning industry actually, because people lives,be of quality only rise, and the requirement that uses dry goods to domesticity has very big rise. Won development space for this industry thereby, so, mix now what change will this development space have henceforth? We are taking this issue, be in in the general manager Xiang Guobin that the needle interviewed Shanghai Ai Lai to spin limited company according to the home on the meeting.

Reporter: The home spins the market competition of the product now, it is the competition of product poor dissimilation actually, how is Ai Lai is depended on to accomplish what spend competition with diversity of other and coessential product?

Always: Above all, our product fixed position is high-end product, recreational amorous feelings of Europe of outstanding performance north is brought to the life comfortable. Pursueing recreational way of life is a kind of tide, recreational life condition is a kind of vogue, and the recreational amorous feelings that comes from boreal Europe, it is most place of high-level consumption group is yearning and chase after those who hold in both hands. After fixed position consumes a group, be about the difference of image of brand of product of be particular about, the key depends on fixed position accurate, know accept or reject, the consumption that decides according to the lock group, ai Lai spins the design the product to be centered on a center according to the home, “ designs ” to experience the life. Ai Lai spins the brand image that delivering us with this differentia different according to the home. It is the difference of the product next, on numerous product, we use our dominant position, appeal to to the theme of the product beg make elaborate clearly, go after the home to spin the idea that fashionable dress turns namely. Let the home spin product be in harmony to take the element of fashionable dress, the vogue that colour, design accomplishs like making the home spins a product to resemble fashionable dress, harmony is tie-in. Finally is the difference of the service, exhibit with respect to what the needle in be like meets, what we think of above all is the demand of contented person and the consideration to the person, ability speaks of a product.
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