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6 months drive the poineering experience of Li Xueli of girl of two inn Hunan
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This year in April, the “ of Hunan girl Li Xueli carries bedroom of health of noise elegant ” to reside life house to be in constant heart city spring practice of general merchandise market, this is the 2nd store that she opens inside 6 months time. In the time that is less than half an year, girl of a Hunan drives the experience of two inn repeatedly, let a person be full of curiosity. The success that we see this Hunan girl together below starts already one by one.
Last year a day of September, li Xueli saw a bedding inadvertently when be browsed on the net, be attracted by the natural sex place of its colour, design and raw material, this made her walk into this bed that is called “ to carry noise elegant ” to taste company website. In great quantities the product of beautiful Huan of United States annulus jumps eye shot, make she began to have join in the impulse of this industry. Reside things to healthy bedroom very partial Li Xueli, in the contact that resides a product with bedroom, decide oneself open a bedroom to reside things inn secretly. Mix in the contact compared a lot of joining in after the project, she joined in “ carries noise elegant ” finally, become city of its Hunan Chang De join in business.
Once had done the Li Xueli that does dress business, the first time course of study of sortie bed moral this new field, everything must begin from the beginning, the problem after joining in came out. Just when she is afraid unceasingly when, carry headquarters of noise elegant company to begin to offer detailed proposal already. In optional location, storefront figure is designed, exhibit frame put, the respect such as first stock product, the place detail such as the amount of the lamp, degree is shot inside sample fold style, inn even, headquarters gave out to build make peace in detail to coach. Li Xueli is told about, especially practice around each week, headquarters sends a demonstrative inn to grow inn to groom directive, how to put from the pillow, quilt how how is fold, product displayed, how tally, how sale product waits counterjumper of church of hand of detail respect handgrip a moment. Present inn is in Li Xueli constant heart shopping mall a better place, business gross area 32 square metre, this is company headquarters basis what after optional location asked to eliminate location of a few inn, make is final also be first-rate choice. At the same time company headquarters still designs storefront effect graph, construction graph, circuit graph, specific use to the amount of the lamp, norms, color, construction makings metropolis to table a proposal, I need “ only let a worker be done according to blueprint can ” , li Xueli says approvingly. Passed “ demonstrative inn to grow the guidance of ” , xue Li letting goosefoot began successful management, what also assured brand shop start business truly is hot.
After running a few months, li Xueli's inn can make sure 40 thousand multivariate stability is sold every months on average, can obtain 10 thousand multivariate net profit. Then a new idea arises spontaneously: Reopen the store with a larger area! This appeared that one act of article begin: In the time of 6 months, the 2nd larger store weighs practice in Chang Delong. Current, successfully operation wears this inn.
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