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Southern bedroom acts the role of Zhang Linghui of agency of Shanghai loose rive
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Need a method successfully

Ask its successful experience, zhang Linghui is modest tell to us, because the company offers outstanding product, proper policy policy,he succeed is, oneself should follow the company's how-to direction to go only, plus employee mix conscientiously hard, gained a success naturally. Go up in management actually, zhang Linghui achieves company policy besides the standard, still learn how to undertake be changinged standardization, scientificly administrative from which, for instance she can undertake an analysis to the product inside inn, what is usury embellish, what is to be used run of the quantity, what is to earn a person to enrage her of small however profit to be able to undertake an analysis one by one; Do to the product inside inn contrast with score analyse and monthly, how much did some product sell some month last year for instance, predict how much this month of meeting sells this year, there still is how many stock inside inn, should fill goods, avoid busy season to break phenomenon of money be in short supply, such science changes management to let her be in replenish onr's stock when more clear, also let her realize the gain of market standard.

Zhang Linghui and her southern bedroom acts the role of brand shop to had been in Shanghai now loose river stand firm calcaneal, from 2005 replenish onr's stock 350 thousand to 2006 700 thousand arrive again 2007 1.2 million. At present of Zhang Linghui the plan is in Song Jiang reopen a southern bedroom acts the role of image store, for this target, she lashs oneself try hard ceaselessly forward.

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